Yay! New Features & Updates

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By Sarah Miller    3/17/2021

You asked - we listened!

Here's the scoop on what's new...and there's more coming soon! Make sure you're signed up for our email newsletter so you'll be the first to know for the next release.

To get started using the new features, see the quick overview below. For more detailed instructions, check out our tutorials which have all been updated. You can also request a demo tailored to your specific needs.

New email marketing features and updates for your email campaigns


Boost your Open Rate with Resends

Resend an email to non-openers to increase the number of people seeing your message. Easily tweak your subject line or preheader to see if it inspires them to open your email.

Then view the combined stats of the Resend and the Original email to help you fine-tune future email campaigns.

Resend an email to boost your open rate.
Email campaign stats help you see what's working so you can plan your next steps.

Email Stats That Help You See What's Working

View general open rate stats or drill down to see stats for a specific email - including whether people viewed the email and how many times.

Perfect for when you want to send a follow up email or make a phone call to the people who viewed your message the most!


Grow your Audience with Branded Subscriber Sign Up Forms

Create beautiful signup forms that reflect your brand's personality. It's easy to customize your form fields, display your logo, and quickly add your messages.

keyboard_arrow_right Learn More
keyboard_arrow_right Learn More
Easily see all event and survey follow up emails on one screen

Hassle Free Event & Survey Follow Ups

Make sure you're not missing anything - send reminders, follow up surveys and thank people. It's all included with your CorpNote membership.

And now it's even easier to use! Just click a button and easily see all emails you've sent for a specific event or survey.


Account Dashboard Updates

Your 'Welcome Page' has a fresh new design! Easily access your address book, see new subscribers and get to the stats and tools you use the most.

Plus - check out our new 'Account Setup' tab to make sure your account is optimized to use all CorpNote has to offer!

The account dashboard makes it easy to find the things you use most
View and manage all email correspondence sent to an email address

Historic Data Management Updates

We've made it easier for you to find, view and manage all email correspondence, and event/survey data that is associated with a single address book contact or email address.

Try it today! Click on the 'Email Search' tab from your 'Account Dashboard' and do a system-wide search for all data related to a specific email address. Plus, we've added additional options for deleting contacts.


Custom Color Preferences Ensure Brand Consistency

Now you can save up to 8 custom colors in your preferences.

Your colors will be available when creating eCards and emails, which makes it even easier and faster to create emails that match your brand. Try it Now!

Set custom color preferences to create email campaigns that match your brand
Easier email list management for email campaigns

Address Book & Email List Updates

Small updates can make a big difference! We've made it easier to search for contacts and organize email lists.

Need to make sure people are included on an email list? No problem!

Use the 'Advanced Search' and select the top 'Filter' option to show all contacts 'on a list' or 'not on a list.'

We hope you enjoy all of the benefits of these new features and updates! More is coming soon! Make sure you're signed up for our email newsletter so you'll be the first to know when we post our next feature release.

For more detailed instructions, visit our Tutorials, schedule a demo or give us a call. We are always happy to help! Plus, if you call us, we can give you some additional tips specific to your company/industry.

Want to try CorpNote risk-free? We offer a 10-day money back guarantee!
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