Schedule Appointments using CorpNote with Calendly

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By Sarah Miller    7/7/2021

Calendly is a free, and pay for, service that lets people sign up for an available time slot in your calendar. When a person selects a day and time, Calendly sends them a confirmation email so they can easily add the appointment to their calendar and an email is sent to notify you of the appointment. It can also schedule Zoom conferences and send them the link. Plus, it can automatically add the appointment to your calendar.

When you create a calendar in Calendly, you will see a link for sharing. This link can be used in different applications including a CorpNote email.

In today's blog, I'll show you how to easily insert a Calendly link into an email which you can create, send and track using CorpNote.

A Calendly link can be used in CorpNote emails.

How to Use Calendly with CorpNote - Step by Step

Step 1: Create your Email

To begin - select an eCard design, choose an email layout from the CorpNote library, use one of your email templates, or design a new email layout from scratch.

Step 2: Add Calendly Link to a Button or Text

Once you have created your email design, you can easily apply your Calendly link to any image or text in your email.

In the email editor, highlight text or an image and then click the link icon in the editor. Type or paste the Calendly link into the URL box and click the OK button.

Add a Calendly link to any text or image in your email design.

Here is an example of an email design that uses a button to link to a Calendly calendar.

Email design using CorpNote with a button that links to a Calendly scheduling calendar.

I hope you enjoyed my mini tutorial on how to use Calendly with CorpNote! For more resources and tips, check out our tutorials or contact us. We are always happy to help!

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