How to use Canva Images in your Email Designs

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By Sarah Miller    4/30/2021

Canva is an online service that lets you add your own text to thousands of free image templates, which you can then export and use in many different applications. For example, you can use Canva for presentations, social media posts, printed brochures, printed greeting cards, resumes and more; but, one thing Canva doesn't let you do is send an email or invitation.

That's where CorpNote comes into the picture. You can easily insert a Canva designed image into a CorpNote email design, optionally add event RSVP or survey response buttons, and then send and track your email views.

Today's blog provides tips for which Canva templates work best in an email and how to use Canva images in your own email designs.

Using Canva Images in Email Designs

Which Canva templates work best in an email?

Not every image you create in Canva will work well in an email design. Certain graphic proportions work better than others. When I'm creating an email design, I use the following Canva categories to get the best results.

Card Templates: These images work well because they are generally a 4x3 aspect ratio and look great when sending eCards that look like traditional greeting cards.

Invitation Templates: These images also work well because they are a 4x3 or square aspect ratio. They look like a traditional invitation and they aren't too tall so the RSVP button when placed underneath the design displays well in the email inbox.

Web Banners & Social Graphic Templates: These images come in a range of sizes. I like to use the ones that are about 1/4 high than they are wide. This size works well as the top of an email newsletter.

In general, images that are taller than they are wide will not work well in an email design unless you will be using the image to the left or to the right of your email content. For example, the 'Newsletter' category has very tall images that work great for printed newsletters but they do not work well in email designs.

How to Use Canva Images with CorpNote - Step by Step

You can send any type of email in CorpNote such as birthday cards, work anniversary cards, email newsletters, sales promotions and more. For my step by step example below, I'm going to create an email invitation with an RSVP button; but, the same general steps apply for any type of email you want to create.

Step 1: Download the Canva Image

Create an image in Canva and then click the 'Download' button. Select "File Type" PNG.

Saving a customized Canva image.

Step 2: Upload the image to CorpNote

Go to My Account > My Images and click on the 'Upload' tab. Follow the onscreen instructions.

The preview images you see for the small, medium and large options is what your image will look like when you upload it to your account. For my email design, I want the 'large' option so it will span the width of my email.

For my email design, I select the large option which is full width.

Step 3: Insert the image into your email

When creating your email, click in the editor where you want your uploaded Canva image to appear and then click the images icon.

You will see your uploaded image on the 'My Images' tab. Click on the image and it will be insert into your email.

Insert the Canva image into your email design.

Here is my final email design using a CorpNote email template and the image I created in Canva.

Invitation email design using a CorpNote email template and a Canva image.

For more resources and tips, check out our tutorials, contact us or give us a call. We are always happy to help!

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