How to Use Email Preheaders to Increase Email Open Rates

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By Sarah Miller    7/22/2020

What is an Email Preheader?

Preheader text is the text that displays below the email subject line in many people's email inbox and on most mobile devices. Its purpose is to give more information about what the email contains before you open it. The number of characters that display in an email preheader is often user-adjustable in people's email programs, and especially on mobile, and will display anywhere from approximately 50-250 characters.

All about email preheaders and how they can improve your email open rate.

How Do You Control Email Preheader Text?

If you don't specify an email's preheader text, then the preheader text that displays is generally the first text that appears in the body of the email. If you are using an email sending service, like CorpNote, the preheader text can be added independently, so you don't have to rely on the text at the top of the email.

How to Increase Open Rates with Preheaders

Time is precious! People scan the subject line and the email preheader text to decide whether they want to open your email and spend time reading its contents.

Brief, well written, enticing email subject lines and preheaders can significantly increase your email open rate. Your email content can then encourage them to take action such as make a purchase, read an article or sign up for a webinar.

A well-constructed email preheader will improve email open rates.

How to Write an Email Preheader

The email preheader should be an extension of the subject line and the two should work together to inspire a "call to action".

Email Preheader Examples

Subject: Your Spring Garden Begins Now
Preheader: Everything on Sale - Today Only
S: Let the Countdown Begin
P: Our New Location Opens in 5 Days
S: New Class - Drawing for Beginners
P: No Cost - Sign Up Now - Space is Limited
S: New Fall Classes are in the Works
P: We need your feedback! Vote for what classes you would like to see on our roster this Fall
S: Get what you need within 24 Hours
P: More Delivery Times - Free Shipping - Shop Now
S: Gardening Webinar this Saturday
P: 20% Off for Early Registration
S: Happy Birthday
P: Celebrate with $5 Off + Free Shipping
S: Your Spring Garden Begins Now
P: 50% Off Everything - Today Only + Free Shipping ** Make Every Day a Garden Day **

How to Add an Email Preheader Using CorpNote

Once you have composed your email and previewed it, click the Address/Send button. Below the text box for subject line is a text box for email preheader text. Your email preheader text can be up to 200 characters.

If you leave the preheader field blank, the email preheader text will be the first text that appears in the body of your email. If you include preheader text that is less than the number of characters your contact has set to display, then your contact will see your preheader text PLUS the first sentence or two of your email.

The Bottom Line

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