Say "Thank You" More with Easy-to-use Email Templates

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By Sarah Miller    7/8/2020

Have you ever missed the opportunity to send a thank you note? We've all been there at some point. You really meant to say thank you... but then you got busy and time slipped away, and suddenly it was just awkward because so much time had passed.

This is the moment where email templates really shine. Having a beautifully designed thank you email at your fingertips empowers you to send a sincere "thank you" at a moment's notice.

Whether you're sending a quick thank you note, thanking a customer for their order, thanking an employee for their hard work or thanking a donor for their contribution – email templates help ensure you get the job done.

Say thank you more with email templates.

Send a Quick Thank You Email with a CorpNote Email Template

For this example, I was able to thank someone for participating in a fundraiser in less than 2 minutes.

Here's how to quickly create your own thank you email:

  • Go to the email layout library and select the "Thank You" category
  • Click on the "view" icon to see your selected email template in full size view
  • "Insert" the email layout with the default layout styles or your preferred colors and fonts
  • Edit the text and insert an optional company logo or photo
  • Preview and send your email
Use an email template to send a Thank You email in just a few minutes.

Reusable Email Templates Save Even More Time

The above example works great for the occasional thank you email but what if you need to regularly thank customers for their order, thank class participants and ask them to take a survey or thank donors for their contribution?

Save Your Sent Email as an Email Template

Saving your email as a customized reusable "Email Template" will save you even more time. Plus, email templates can be used with CorpNote's other time saving tools like QuickSend and Email Automation.

Email templates can be used to thank customers for attending a webinar or online class.

Any 'sent email' can be made into a reusable email template:

  • Go to your sent emails bin and find the email you want to make into a template
  • From the drop down menu, select "Save as Template"
  • Follow the on screen instructions for naming and categorizing your template so you can easily find it when you need it

To use your email template:

  • Go to your templates
  • Click on the email template's thumbnail and edit the content if needed
  • Preview and send your email

Now it's your turn! Go think of a reason to send a thank you email and get started today!

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