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By Sarah Miller    10/12/2018

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Introducing our new free wallpapers based on our eCard designs.

Baseball cards have been around since the late 1860s. In the late 1990's artists started exchanging 'artist trading cards' or ATCs for short. ATCs are the size of baseball trading cards and are a fun way to share miniature art pieces. Like baseball cards, artist trading cards are shared, traded and collected. Some artist trading cards were even sold in vending machines, which were converted cigarette machines!

Since ATCs are often hand-made original pieces of art, their distribution needed to be either through the mail or exchanged in person. The people that collected them might display them, but generally they ended up being stored in an album like photos, and were not enjoyed unless you opened the album.

These days, artists often share their work as digital wallpapers, which can easily be distributed over the internet. In a way, digital wallpapers that you put on your phone, iPad or desktop are similar to ATCs - but you get to see the art all the time, and sharing them with others is much easier.

For the past year, any time we had an eCard or invitation design I was particularly fond of, I would make a matching wallpaper for all my tech. I was at dinner a few weeks ago and one of my friends commented on how pretty my phone lock screen was and if I could text him the image for his phone. At that moment, it occurred to me that sharing some of our CorpNote artwork as desktop and mobile wallpapers was a fun way to highlight our design team's skills, and a great way to share art with our website visitors!

It's Time to Deck Out Your Screens with a Little Bling!

With Thanksgiving and the winter holiday season just around the corner, the CorpNote art team is looking forward to sharing some of our favorite eCard designs as free wallpapers, which you can enjoy on your desktops, laptops, tablets, iPads and mobile phones. You can also share a link to our free wallpapers in your holiday eCards so your colleagues, friends and family can enjoy a little bling on their tech, too!

Free Wallpapers - Celebrate Art Every Day

The first lineup in our free wallpaper series celebrates the beginning of the 'season of the pumpkin' - Halloween. Are you in the mood to start celebrating Halloween right now? Click here to download our new Halloween wallpapers.

Each of our free wallpapers was inspired by one of our eCard or invitation designs, so be sure to also check out our 'pic of the day' to see new designs and for inspiration on how to use them. We're celebrating a 'cheery' Halloween in many of our new eCard designs this year... but don't be surprised if some 'darker' (but elegant) Halloween eCards show up in our collection!

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More Free Wallpapers are Coming Soon!

The winter holidays are our busiest time of year. Our elves are working tirelessly on creating lots of new holiday eCards and invitations, which means you will also be able to download more designs as free wallpapers. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! And I know it's a little early to say this but... From all of us at CorpNote, we wish you a very happy holiday season!

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Sarah Miller president of Set Now Solutions and CorpNote.

Sarah Miller
President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

For over 20 years, Sarah has helped small businesses and nonprofits grow their business through email marketing. She specializes in email marketing, website design and SEO.

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