Holiday eCard Ideas – Simplicity, Ingenuity and Charity

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By Michael Miller    11/4/2020

In my job, I get to talk to a diverse range of customers across many different industries about their email marketing needs and how CorpNote can help them accomplish their goals. Today I was inspired by a holiday eCard customer who had an idea that they wanted to try for their Season's Greetings eCards to their employees.

Holiday eCard ideas and the Season for giving to charity

My prospect's goals were simple: to send a Holiday eCard to her company's employees with a link to a survey where the recipient can vote for a charitable organization to whom the company will then make a holiday donation.

It didn't take long for the caller to explain to me what they wanted and for me to quickly answer – "Yes, no problem. CorpNote can do that…" It caught her by surprise because CorpNote was the first vendor that said yes right out of the gate. I also enjoyed being able to tell her that everything she wants to do is integrated and included in our standard price.

I was moved by the charitable nature of what my prospective client wants to do and I hope it inspires you too. It's a simple idea and a creative way to make a difference when sending annual holiday eCards.

By her sharing their company's mission with me, and me sharing the general concept with you, perhaps you'll join in this spirit of giving this holiday season, and maybe throughout the new year!

An Educated Customer is a Happy Customer

If I've spoken with any of you who are reading this, then you know CorpNote does a lot of different things and our customers use our tools in MANY different ways. I've often joked that it's hard to address a room full of people, and tell them WHY they need CorpNote.

It's more likely that people will identify a need and then find us when they are seeking solutions. But sometimes it works the other way around too – and having a better understanding of what a tool, software or service can do, in turn inspires you to try it, or to use it in a different way.

If you're a fixer-upper like me, and you get a new set of pliers, then you walk around looking for something that needs tightening. And if you're a creative and you've just purchased a deluxe set of dual-tip colored art markers, you probably won't rest until you've tried each one.

The reason for my metaphor is this: If you're trying to solve a problem or accomplish a task, then communication needs to flow both ways and simplicity is always the best starting point. Like my phone call, if you can sum up your requirements in a sentence or two, I think you'll be successful finding a solution. Since CorpNote has many tools and features, if we can open a path of communication then I can share other ways of using our service that may improve your success, or add benefits that you did not think of.

I truly enjoy learning about people's email marketing goals and the challenge of finding solutions, and I welcome you to give me a call.

At CorpNote, we believe that an educated customer is going to receive the most value from our service, and we are constantly working to provide resources to help you learn and to keep you inspired. At any time, you can browse our blogs, view our tutorials or visit our YouTube channel to learn new and better ways to use CorpNote, and to grow your business or organization.

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