Holiday Greetings in a Crazy Year - What Can You Say?

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By Sarah Miller    12/15/2020

It's been a challenging year. In my 24 years of owning a business, I can truly say this year was like no other. I've watched many businesses quickly adapt to the new normal. Not only did they stay afloat but they swam gracefully into uncharted waters and managed to successfully turn the year into a positive. I have also seen the flip side of that where some of my favorite businesses had to shut their doors.

So what on earth can you write in a holiday card that acknowledges the varying degrees of difficulty we have all experienced without negating someone's own experience?

What do you say in Holiday Greetings during a crazy year?

As we were designing this year's holiday eCard line, we kept to traditional imagery and sayings so people could decide whether they wanted to address Covid-19's impact or just send holiday well wishes.

Today's blog provides examples of holiday messages with a bit of light humor plus a holiday greeting that thanks employees and gives a positive outlook to 2021.

Playful Holiday eCard to Celebrate a 'Ruff' Year

We've seen a trend this year of businesses sending more joyful, non-traditional greeting cards. This playful, cartoon pup conveys light-hearted imagery that can be paired with a traditional holiday message or something that pokes a bit of fun at 2020 like this example.

Holiday greetings can be sent as email newsletters.

Holiday Greetings using the Email Design Library

In my last blog, I provided ideas for how to upload your own photos and use our new email design library to create completely customizable holiday greeting cards. In this example, I'll show you how you can also use the email design library for non-traditional greetings.

I'm sending a holiday greeting to my employees that will read like a newsletter so I searched for "Newsletter" layouts with holiday imagery.

Holiday greetings can be in email newsletter format.

I changed the colors to match my company logo, added a staff photo and personalized the message. I then added more snowflakes from the CorpNote image library to make it even more festive. This is what my holiday email looks like after I've customized it.

Holiday email newsletter customized with my message, logo and images.
photo source:  Roland Samuel  @rosam2020

Oh Dear - What a Year

Here's another example of one of our new holiday eCards where we've added a bit of whimsical humor acknowledging this crazy year.

Holiday eCard with a bit of whimsical humor.

Want to learn more about CorpNote and holiday eCards? Contact Us by phone or email. We look forward to learning more about how we can help!

Holiday eCard with Steampunk Gears Animated New Years Gears
Business Holiday Card
Holiday eCard with Geometric Ornaments Geometric Ornaments
Business Holiday Card
Holiday eCard with Champagne Glasses Champagne Glasses Seasons Greetings
Business Holiday Card
Holiday eCard with Winter Tree Purple Winter Tree
Business Holiday Card
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