New Season's Greetings & Christmas eCards for 2022

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By Sarah Miller    11/30/2022

Cross "sending holiday eCards" off your to-do list with our new line of Season's Greetings and Christmas cards. Just add your logo and message and you're all set!

In today's blog:

  • New holiday eCard designs
  • Mini-tutorial on how to embellish your holiday messages using our image library and your own graphics
Holiday eCards ready to be customized with your logo and message.

New Holiday eCards

Animated holiday eCards are always popular! This new Season's Greetings eCard, with its subtle animated twinkles, sets the festive mood of the season.

Animated holiday eCard with Poinsettias.

thumb_up Did you know...

You can view all of our animated holiday eCards by typing "animated" in the keyword search when selecting an eCard design.

For those of us in cooler climates, we look forward to snow and hot chocolate to keep us warm during the holidays. This new whimsical, winter-themed Christmas eCard reminds me of those joyful moments!

Christmas eCard with holiday trees and snow.

And what would complement a cup of hot cocoa this season? A gingerbread cookie of course!

Holiday eCard with a gingerbread cookie.

For those looking for a photographic holiday eCard, we turned to our photo studio to capture the warmth and beauty of the holiday season through the lens of the camera.

Photographic Holiday eCard with ornaments.

Want to see more CorpNote holiday eCard examples? Check out our Holiday eCards & Holiday Email Guide

Holiday eCard with deer Joyous Holiday
Season's Greetings Card
Holiday eCard with Season's Greetings wreath Season's Greetings Wreath
Business Holiday Card
Holiday eCard with Winter Tree Purple Winter Tree
Business Holiday Card
Holiday eCard with Champagne Glasses Champagne Glasses Seasons Greetings
Business Holiday Card

How to use the image library

You can easily embellish your holiday eCards with graphics from our image library or your own uploaded images.

  • In the email editor, place your cursor where you want to insert an image
  • Click the "Insert Image" button and then select the "Image Library" tab to search for an image in the CorpNote Library or select the "My Images" tab to select from your uploaded images
  • Click on the image or the checkmark to insert the image

You can also easily swap out images. Select the image you want to replace, click the "insert image" button and then select a new image. The new image will now appear in the editor.

Embellish your holiday eCards with our image library.

I hope you enjoyed today's mini tutorial. For more detailed instructions on how to create any type of CorpNote email, visit our Quick Start Guides & Tutorials or give us a call. We are always happy to help!

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