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By Sarah Miller    11/11/2020

The CorpNote elves have been hard at work making this year's holiday eCard line up the best ever! I'm delighted to spread a little holiday cheer as we move towards, what I hope will be, a much less challenging New Year.

In today's blog, I'll show you how to customize a holiday eCard with your message, logo, company colors and more. Then I'll share some of our new holiday eCard designs so you can get started creating and scheduling your holiday eCard campaigns.

Holiday eCards for Thanksgiving and Season's Greetings.

Before we begin, I need to take a moment and give a shout out to my exceptional team for this year's incredible variety of holiday eCard designs and for all of their contributions throughout 2020. Despite all of the challenges, we launched a totally new CorpNote experience in June, added a ton of new features and built a new photo and video studio. It was an amazingly productive year and I am very thankful for my team. I am also tremendously grateful for our members. Without all of you - there wouldn't be a CorpNote. Thank you!

How to Customize a Holiday eCard with your Branding

For today's example, I will create a Season's Greetings holiday eCard.

Choosing a holiday eCard

In your account, select 'New eCard' and then "Season's Greetings" in the holiday drop down menu. Animated holiday eCards will have an "A" icon next to them as in the image below. When you find an eCard design you like, click the checkmark to begin adding your message. Click the heart if you want to add an eCard to your favorites and keep searching.

Selecting a Holiday eCard and adding your custom holiday message.

Customizing Holiday eCard Styles, Message and Company Branding

Once you've selected a holiday eCard design you like, you can now customize your greeting, message, colors and more. Let's look at a few of the basic options.

The Greeting Line: You can personalize each eCard and send them one at a time or you can send one eCard to a group of contacts. If you plan on using the auto-fill name feature, you will need to select contacts from your address book.

Setting Global Styles: You can use our pre-set styles for the eCard (as seen in the image below), use your "favorite styles" that you pre-configured in your account preferences, or you can set "custom" colors and fonts on an eCard-by-eCard basis.

Holiday eCards have pre-set colors that can be changed.

I selected the "custom" option so I can choose from my company's colors (blue and gold). The first row of color chips in the example below shows my personal colors that I saved in my account preferences. These colors also appear in the message editor so you can continue to fine tune your eCard message to match your brand.

Holiday eCard shown with my preferred colors.

For this example, I typed my holiday eCard text and checked the box to include my pre-set signature which has my logo and company contact information. This is what my holiday eCard looks like after I've customized it.

Holiday eCard customized with logo, colors and signature.

I hope you enjoyed my mini tutorial on how to create a simple, yet customized, holiday eCard. In my next blog, I'll show you how to create a customized eCard with your own images.

If you have any questions or need help, we're just a phone call or email away!

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New Holiday eCards

Thanksgiving is November 26th so you still have plenty of time to pick out your Thanksgiving eCards. With a warm color palette and traditional autumn imagery, this Thanksgiving holiday eCard is appropriate for business and personal use. Just add your custom message and you're all set!

Animated holiday eCards are making a comeback and we're adding more of them to this year's holiday eCard line up. (See more in our animated holiday eCard blog)

TIP: If you are a CorpNote member and want to view all of our animated holiday eCards, type "animated" in the keyword search when you are selecting an eCard design.

In our new line of photographic holiday eCards, we set out to portray the warmth and beauty of the holiday season through the lens of the camera. We also added more holiday-themed photos to our image library that you can use anywhere in the body of your holiday eCards and email designs.

Photographic Thanksgiving holiday eCard with a pumpkin and lights.

For those of us in cooler climates during the holidays, we look forward to snow and sledding and skiing during the holiday season. The cold weather is also a welcome excuse to drink hot chocolate! This new animated holiday eCard reminds me of those joyful iconic winter moments. This is the final frame from the animation. Click the button below to see the animation.

This new red and gold holiday eCard is reminiscent of the "Great Gatsby" era with an art deco style which never seems to go out of style.

Art deco holiday eCard for business.

Want to learn more about CorpNote and holiday eCards? Contact Us by phone or email.

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