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Say Thank You More with Easy-to-use Email Templates

Say thank you more with email templates.

Having a beautifully designed thank you email at your fingertips empowers you to send a sincere thank you at a moment's notice. Email templates make it fast and easy to send a quick thank you note, thank a customer for their order, thank an employee for their dedication or thank a donor for their contribution. Read More double_arrow


Automated Email Campaigns You Can Do Today

Automated emails can be set for birthday email campaigns, holiday eCards and more.

Automated email campaigns can reduce tedious tasks and give you more time to build your business or connect with your employees. Best of all - setting up automated email campaigns is easy and helps ensure you are delivering the right message at the right time. Read More double_arrow


All-New CorpNote Site Coming June 1st

CorpNote announces expansive additions to its email marketing services.

On June 1st, CorpNote will expand its email marketing and email automation capabilities, which will eliminate the complexity and cost of members having to use separate services to manage their email marketing campaigns.

This release includes over a dozen new features and offers more creative flexibility which makes CorpNote easier to use for beginners and more powerful for advanced email marketing professionals.

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Tips for Sending Automated Email Campaigns

Email automation makes it easy to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, send reminders and more. If you haven't used this feature, here's the skinny on what it is, how it works and how you can make the most of automated email campaigns for your business. Read More double_arrow


Email Newsletters - DIY vs. Using an Email Newsletter Service

Pros and cons of sending an email newsletter using an email marketing service.

As part of our 'Marketing with Mike' series, Mike discusses the pros and cons of DIY email marketing and when it might be time to up your game to an email marketing service. Even if you are currently using an email marketing service, this blog has plenty of ideas you can add into your current email marketing mix. Read More double_arrow


How to Make an eCard

eCards are an easy, affordable way to keep in touch. Whether your someone that likes to make things yourself, are an aspiring artist that loves the opportunity to showcase their work, or you're with an established business that wants a more personalized way to communicate with customers and coworkers, this step by step guide to making an eCard is for you. Read More double_arrow


Top 5 Holiday eCard Designs of All Time

Here are our top 5 Holiday eCard design picks.

Greeting card styles change every year, so we create new holiday card designs and retire our older ones depending on whether they're still popular or not. In the past 14 years, we've seen that some holiday eCard designs remain popular year after year. Here's our top 5 eCards of all time. Read More double_arrow

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