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By Michael Miller    6/4/2018

Update 4/9/2020: CorpNote 3.0: more tools, more power, more possibilities...
Extend the reach of your CorpNote eCards, invitations and surveys beyond people's email inboxes with social media posts.

The time you spend creating and sending eCards in CorpNote can be leveraged for extra exposure in your social media.

In our recent blog series on electronic marketing, we shared ways to improve your social media interaction and ways to brainstorm fresh, relevant topics for posting in all your online marketing campaigns. In our last blog, Email Marketing vs. Social Media: The Inbox Advantage, we took a critical look at how the current crowded landscape in social media is making it harder for your posts to be seen and we suggested some advantages to email 'inbox' permission based marketing. Today we'll talk about how to extend the reach of your CorpNote eCards, invitations and surveys beyond people's email inboxes. By using our "direct link" feature, you can significantly expand your audience with very little extra effort.

What is a 'direct link'?

Every eCard that you send in CorpNote has a unique direct link, which you can easily copy and paste into social media channels, email, your website or any other communications that allow hyperlinks. The way it works is simple...

Once the card is sent, there is a direct link to view your eCard in a web browser. Anyone you share this link with can view it and you can share the link in your social media channels.

Direct links work great in:

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Cross-posting your eCard campaigns in social media

Posting your eCards in social media is very easy. Simply copy the direct link and paste it into the posting window in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other channels that allow sharing of a web page. When you cross-post an eCard in social, the card image gets automatically inserted into your post, the 'subject line' you used to send your card becomes your headline, and your name and company get inserted as who its 'shared by' in the post. (Social media posts with pictures are proven to generate more attention and click-throughs.) This is a real time saver if you're in a hurry or need to post often, in a variety of places. Of course, any of this info can easily be edited before you post it - but CorpNote provides a great, professional looking starting point that attracts attention and highlights your message.

The real power in posting your eCards is that your followers can easily click through the link in your post to view your eCard on a new browser screen. When they click, they'll see your full message, with all the text, formatting and links of your original eCard – in an advertising-free window that you have designed. This is a tremendous advantage over trying to fit your entire message in a social post and having to compete with all the other screen clutter. Because the eCard screen can contain an unlimited amount of nicely formatted text and additional links, you are able to control the message and continue the conversation. These links can encourage people to subscribe to your email list, visit your other social channels, visit specific pages on your website or even RSVP for an event or take an online survey.

Direct Links* work like a '1-page website'

Another way to think about direct links in CorpNote is that it works just like you have your own website, letting you create custom one-page micro-sites for events, promotions, special announcements and more... except, with CorpNote, you don't have to wait for a web developer or the marketing department to make the changes and create the page! You are fully in control. Just create an eCard and send it, and your link is available and ready to share.

By cross-posting in social media, you will

  1. increase the number of people that you reach
  2. improve the effectiveness of your messages
  3. maximize your productivity - since sharing a direct link is fast and easy.

* The 'Direct Link' feature, online event RSVP and online surveys are included with all CorpNote membership types.

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