Ways to End Procrastination

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By Sarah Miller    2/19/2018

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Here are a few ideas you might want to add to your employee appreciation efforts.

People get behind because they procrastinate and then they procrastinate because they feel overwhelmed that they are so far behind. It's a vicious cycle but it can be broken. So how do we get everything done and keep our sanity?

I started a business 23 years ago and a second one (CorpNote) 14 years ago; so I really have to manage procrastination if I want to make everything happen and not be stressed out. Here are some of the ways I combat the "overwhelmed" feeling. They might not all be right for everyone but I hope that a couple of these tips are meaningful for you.

I love the feeling of seeing items physically crossed off on a "to-do" list. Even if I didn't get everything done that I wanted to, I can see the evidence of the items I did cross off my list. And I can't lament over what I didn't get done, I just add them to the do list for the next day and move on. What I have discovered is that when life gets busy, I can get an incredible amount of stuff done. I may not always reach the end of my big, never ending 'to-do' list but I know, at the end of the day, I have accomplished what I needed to.

If you have a favorite tip for ways you fight procrastination, please share with us on social media or use our "contact us" form.

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