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Easy for beginners • Flexible for graphic designers

CorpNote's email marketing services include eCards, email newsletters, online invitations, surveys and email list management.

CorpNote is an email marketing service that lets you consolidate and automate many types of email marketing communications.

  • Email list management
  • Email automation
  • Social sharing
  • Event management
  • Surveys and more...

For over 15 years, we've been helping businesses and nonprofits communicate better and more affordably with customers, employees, donors, colleagues and more through our suite of email marketing tools.

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Manage Multiple Email Campaigns

One low monthly price

Use our email templates, our image library and your own images for:

  • email newsletters
  • business eCards
  • online invitations
  • online surveys

Creating an email campaign is fast and easy. Get started with one of our email templates, modify it to meet your needs and save favorites and customized templates for future email marketing campaigns.

Go Beyond Email Marketing...

CorpNote is an email marketing solution that lets you easily extend your message to your audience beyond email marketing.

Once you have sent your email campaign, you can also share it on social media, your website, your blog or any of your other email marketing efforts so you can reach your audience even if you don't have their email address.

Manage an unlimited number of different email campaigns for one low monthly price

Email List Management and Email Automation

Stop juggling (and paying for) multiple unrelated marketing tools

All our email marketing tools – email newsletters, business eCards, online invitations and online surveys – are integrated with each other, and with CorpNote's email list manager. Every email you send automatically lets you view real-time open rates, invitation/survey responses, manage subscribers & unsubscribes, and enables you to create reports and email lists based on your sending history.

Organize your address book into email lists and send automated email marketing campaigns.
  • Upload your email list – from Excel, Outlook and more
  • Create 'Email Lists' of up to 2,500 contacts – to quickly send your email campaigns and segment your contacts to get better results
  • Auto-insert first names – personalize your email messages
  • Automate birthday and anniversary emails – for marketing campaigns, employee recognition or to ensure you never miss a contact's special day
  • Automate recurring email campaigns – for seasonal sales flyers, service reminders, fundraising appeals and more!

Advertising Free • Highly Customizable

Digital marketing with your brand, your message

It's easy to customize any email campaign with your logo, colors and photos. You can also easily adjust any of our email templates to match your company's brand and message.

If you want even more customization or if you have multiple users, check out our additional branding options. Learn more
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Top 4 email marketing questions

Can I mix newsletters and business eCards in my automated email campaigns?

Yes! You can also include an online invitation or online survey in your campaign. Any email that you send - eCards, newsletters or email notices (such as sales flyers) can be sent as an automated email campaign.

How many emails can I send each month?

CorpNote does not limit or charge by the number of emails you send. Our system provides email list management for up to 2,500 contacts in your online address book. You can create and send multiple email campaigns, to as many people as you like, for our flat monthly rate.

Where can people see my email marketing messages?

CorpNote lets you distribute any email campaign directly to your contact's inbox, where they can view your message as an email or click to view in a browser. The web version of your email can be shared in social media or shared as a link on your website or other email marketing materials.

What happens when someone unsubscribes from my email list?

Every email sent using our email marketing tools has a subscribe/unsubscribe link. If someone unsubscribes, you receive a notice. If they are in your CorpNote email address book, then their entry will appear in red. All future emails to that person will be suspended, even if they are in an email list that is associated with an automated email campaign.

Who is using CorpNote?

CorpNote's clients range from established Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses and non-profit organizations. View our Client List and Testimonials
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