Quick Start Guides

Want to get up and running fast? Our Quick Start Guides will help you set up your account and send your first emails.

Tutorials & Guides

Account Setup

Set your signature and logo, upload images, set your preferences and customize your account.

Address Book & Contact Management

Manage contacts and create segmented email lists to send targeted email campaigns.

Uploading Images

How to upload and manage your images. Includes accepted image file formats and sizes as well as tips for creating images.

Sending Email

How to use the email editor tools, insert links to invitation and survey response forms and schedule emails to be sent on a specific date.

Email Automation

How to schedule email, create time-saving email layouts and create automated email campaigns for birthdays, anniversaries and more.

Online Invitations

Create and manage events, invitation lists and responses.

Online Surveys

Create and manage surveys, email lists and responses.

Email Tracking & Resending

Track your email campaigns in real-time, resend emails to people who did not view the email and copy a prior email's 'Address List' to create a new email.

Ways to Share your Emails

How to share your emails as direct link, post in social media and or send as a text message.

View/Manage Historic Data

How to search, view and delete historic email, invitation & survey data, and what gets deleted when you cancel your account.

Account & Billing

Manage your billing information and view invoices.


View video tutorials for step-by-step instructions.

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