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  1. Complete and submit the account cancellation form below, at least 4 days prior to your membership BILLING DATE to avoid the next month's fee per our Terms of Use. (View your billing date on My Account > Dashboard page)

    New members requesting a refund must do so within 10 days of joining to receive a refund.

    Multi User administrators – cancellation via this form will terminate all users' accounts. If you need to transfer control of this account, please contact CorpNote support.
  2. A verification email will be sent to the email address of the registered account owner, which contains a link. You need to click this link to complete the cancellation process.

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  • If you renew your membership within 60 days of canceling, your account will be restored with all of your historic data intact. If you do not re-join, all account data will be deleted for your protection. (We recommend downloading any necessary account data before you cancel.)
  • If you would like your data permanently deleted prior to the 60-day grace period, you can make a request in the comments box below, or contact CorpNote support.
  • For more information, view our Data Deletion Policy.

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