Tutorials - Custom eCard/Invitation Designs

How to Make an eCard from a Photo or Digital Art

Create custom eCards for holidays, invitations, birthdays, press announcements, sales flyers and more. You can create an eCard using photos or digital art on either your mobile device or computer. If you are in the process of creating your eCard, follow the instructions below. If you are uploading a photo, follow the next tutorial: How to Upload Your Own eCard/Invitation Design or Photo.

Custom eCard Requirements

  • eCard designs must be saved as a .jpg, .gif, .bmp or .png file
  • Your image must be a minimum of 600 pixels wide and will be converted to 72 ppi (pixels per inch) when uploaded
  • Your image should be saved in RGB color mode for best color conversion

Program Specific Tutorials for Creating Custom eCards

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You can customize your eCard and invitations to design to have your logo or photos and upload them.

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If you need additional help, please refer to our Help Center or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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