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Create a Custom eCard/Invitation in Pixlr

1. Setting up Pixlr:

Once you have downloaded Pixlr from the appstore, be sure to enable both camera and photo gallery access for Pixlr in Settings > Privacy > Camera/Photos

eCard sizing specifications

2. Preparing your image:

When you open the Pixlr app, there are three import choices:

Creating an eCard background

If you want to use the "collage" option, continue following the instructions below. Otherwise, go to the next step.

Click the "collage" option and Pixlr provides a variety of tables to place your pictures into (highlighted in green below). Once you have selected a table, tap on each square and select a picture from your photo gallery to use in the collage.

Inserting a logo into the eCard.

The options at the very bottom of the screen let you adjust the collage's border settings. You can alter them to your liking but if you wish to avoid cropping the collage after it has been completely edited and finalized, select the fourth option (underlined in green). Select "4:3". This changes the size ratio of the image to one that is most easily imported into CorpNote.

Once you have finished your collage layout, press "next" in the top right of the screen. This will take you into the Pixlr editor and onto the next step below.

3. The Pixlr editor

Once you have chosen your type of image (camera, photo, collage), you will be taken to the Pixlr editor. Once in the editor, your toolbar (always at the bottom of the screen) displays five categories, each containing photo effects. The categories are "tools", "brushes", "artistic effects", "borders", and "text". The most important tool for creating an eCard/invitation is the "crop" tool, which can be found under the first category. Select it, and when the new screen pops up, press the "4:3" option at the bottom. This scales the eCard/invitation design to one that is most easily imported into CorpNote. Press the checkmark in the lower righthand corner to complete the action.

Adding text to the eCard design.

Most of the individual tool labels are fairly self-explanatory; however, for a complete list and their functions, view the Pixlr tutorial within the app.

4. Save Your Image

Press done in the top right and select "save image".

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