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Downloading Survey Responses in MS Excel

You can download an MS Excel compatible file of your survey responses on an individual or aggregate basis. Technically, the file you download is a .csv comma delimited file that can be imported into other software and mobile apps as well.

Here's how to download your survey results.


Importing Email Addresses
[Address Book]

You can import addresses from any program that lets you create a text or .CSV file with fields separated by commas.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. In the navigation, go to My Account > Address Book
  2. Click the 'Import' tab
  3. Click the 'Browse' button to find and select your .csv data file
  4. Review your ...


Adding Contacts to my Address Book
[Address Book]

You can add contacts to your address book in two ways:


Importing Macintosh Address Book Contacts into CorpNote
[Address Book]

Macintosh's contact manager does not allow you to export your contacts in the file format compatible with CorpNote's address book. This is a "feature" of the Mac OS and is not under the scope of our technical support. However, our Mac users have reported success using third party applications which give you the ability to export contacts as a .csv file.


How can I export my Contacts?
[Address Book]

To export the contacts in your address book, sign into your account and go to My Account > Address Book. Click the export tab and click the link to download your contacts as a .csv file.

Your unsubscribed contacts will not be included in this file. To view or export your unsubscribed contacts, click on the unsubscribed tab.


How do I format my contacts file for import?
[Address Book]

Contacts need to be imported as a .csv file. You can create this by hand in MS Excel or export your contacts from your contact manager software. Review your contact manager’s instruction manual and follow the instructions for creating a .csv file.

At minimum, your contacts file must have these 3 columns to import correctly...   [more...]

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