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How do I create an eCard signature with my logo and website links?

Set your default eCard signature by going to My Account > Preferences in the navigation. There are 2 tabs on this page which affect your signature.

  1. Signature Options - Enter all of your contact information, upload a logo and add your website and social media links.
  2. Signature Layout - Select whether your signature should be right, center...


How often do you add new features?
[Joining CorpNote]

All the time! We are committed to bringing you the best online electronic greeting card, invitation and survey service designed especially for business. You can follow us in social media and/or sign up to receive our newsletter, which will give you full details about new features and enhancements as soon as they roll out. We are always...  [more...]

How do I Upgrade to a Custom Interface or a Multi-User Plan?
[Multi User Plans  |  My Account]

Yes! Sign into your account and go to My Account > Billing and Password. Click the "Upgrade" tab.

Single-User Members have two options for upgrading their CorpNote account:

1. Custom Interface Upgrade
If you only have one user but want to be able to brand the entire CorpNote site with your company logo, colors and footer links to your...  [more...]

What is CorpNote?
[Joining CorpNote]

We are a subscription-based service offering a suite of online business communication tools that help you maintain business relationships while saving time and money. CorpNote is an advertising-free way to build your business using online greeting cards, invitations and surveys that can also be integrated with your website and social media efforts.

As a member...  [more...]

How do I create and distribute a survey?

Here's the quick answer on how to create surveys that can be distributed via eCard your website, social media, blog or email program.

Step 1. Sign in and in the navigation, go to Surveys > Create a Survey.

Step 2. Name your survey, choose your opening text and then select how many questions you want your survey to have.

Your questions can be...  [more...]

Posting eCards in Social Media

You can easily post eCards, invitations and surveys to your social media friends and groups by using one of the following methods.

Method 1: Share by pasting a direct link

  1. Create an eCard and send it to yourself. Make Make sure it looks the way you want it to because you can’t edit it once you’ve sent it.
  2. Go to eCards ...


Sending eCards with your Company Logo
[Custom Interface  |  eCards  |  My Account]

There are several ways that you can include your logo in your eCards, invitations and surveys.

Option 1 - Your logo can be part of your Signature:

All eCards and invitations have the option to include your signature at the bottom. Your logo can appear left, right or centered with your other signature information such as name, street address, phone number, ...  [more...]

Tracking and Managing eCards

To manage your sent eCards, choose eCards > Sent Cards from the navigation menu.

The default screen will show a thumbnail of all the eCards sent in the last 60 days, with a history of who viewed it and if it contains a survey or invitation. You can click the thumbnail to view your eCard details, and to follow up with people who have or have not ...  [more...]

What can I include in my eCard Signature?

Your eCard signature appears at the bottom of every eCard you create. You can include:

You can ...  [more...]

Social Media Links in eCards

In the signature area of every eCard, you have the ability to pre-set links to your social media for the following services: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. These links will appear after your other signature items like your name, phone number, website link ...


How do I know if someone views my eCard?

You can view a list of who has viewed your eCards by going to eCards > Sent Cards. Next to any sent eCard, either click the envelope that shows the 'viewed' statistics or choose "View Recipients and Pickup Status" from the drop-down menu. From this screen, you will see the statistics for your eCard including who viewed it and how many times. You are ...  [more...]

View Count on eCards Posted in Social Media

When you post an eCard in social media, you will be able to see how many times it was viewed by individuals who clicked the link to view the eCard. Since we cannot identify the individual who viewed the eCard, you will see the dates and times marked as "anonymous" ...  [more...]

Controlling Who Sees my eCard on Social Media

You can only control who sees your eCard by using the tools provided by the social media website. For example, when you post to Facebook, you can post on your timeline, a friend's timeline, in a group, on your company page (if you are the administrator), or in a private message. If you post to your own timeline, Facebook allows you to choose who can view the post ...  [more...]

Do eCards Posted in Social Media Websites Expire?

As long as your membership is current and does not lapse, your eCards will be accessible from any direct link you post, including social media channels. If your account becomes inactive, through cancellation or non-payment, your eCards will no longer be available to people who click the link you posted. If your account is inactive for 60 or more days, your eCards will be ...  [more...]

Can I change an eCard that has been sent or posted in social media?

No - you cannot change an eCard once it is sent via email or posted in social media. We recommend that you double check your eCard message text for typos and grammar before sending or posting. You can include your email address on any eCard you send so you can receive a copy. This will help ensure that your eCard looks the way you want it to before sending or posting it.


Creating an Online Invitation

Here are the basic instructions for creating an online invitation:

Step 1. Create an Event: Enter your basic event information and any optional information you would like to include. For example, you can include questions you would like your guests to answer such as menu choice.

Step 2. Send Your Invitation: Easily select an invitation design or upload your own...  [more...]

Can I share a link to my survey or post it on a website or blog?

Yes - you can share a survey in social media, on your website, on your blog and even as a text message.

To share your survey, use our 'direct link' feature to either post or send:

For detailed ...  [more...]

Can I copy an existing survey to create a new survey?

Yes, you can create a new survey based on an existing survey in your account. Go to the Survey Manager and find the survey that you want to copy. In the options drop down menu next to that survey, select 'Copy Survey.' An exact duplicate of the survey will be created. The survey name will have the word 'COPY' in it, so that you know you are...


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