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How do I create my signature that appears at the bottom of my eCards?
[Customization and Settings]

Answer: After signing in, go to My Account > Preferences. There are 3 tabs on this page, which each affect your signature. Signature Options - Enter your contact information, upload a logo and add links to your social media pages.
  Signature Layout - Select whether your footer should be right aligned, centered or left aligned, and what contact info items you want to display by default.[more...]

How do I set a default custom eCard style for all eCards I create?
[Customization and Settings]

Answer: After signing in, go to My Account > Preferences. You can set the default eCard style for your signature and color preferences. After completing all of the Signature Options you want to use, click the 'Signature Layout' tab. Check all of the signature items you want to appear as the default each time you create an eCard, invitation or survey.
  Click the 'Favorite Styles [more...]

Can the CorpNote system look like my web site?
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Answer: Yes! CorpNote offers a Custom Interface option that lets you customize the CorpNote site with your company logo, colors and footer links, to look like your own company website. The Custom Interface comes with our Multi-User Membership, and allows your 'CorpNote Plan Administrator' to upload and create a custom interface that will be seen by your employees, and everyone you send eCards to.W [more...]

Why don't I see the option to align my signature left or right?
[Customization and Settings  |  eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: If your logos is over 200px wide, your footer can only appear centered - your signture text will be centered under the logo. If you wish to align your signature left or right, you will need to upload a smaller logo or uncheck the box to display your logo. 

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