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Can I upload my own images?
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You can upload up to 200 of your own images to be used in your emails. The accepted formats are .jpg, .gif, .bmp and .png. 


As a Multi User Administrator, can I limit my users to only use my email templates?
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Yes! Multi-User Plan Administrators can turn off access to CorpNote's selection of eCards, email templates, image library and more.

Sign into your account and in the navigation go to Manage Users > Edit (or Add) User. Under "Allow CorpNote Designs" select no. You can change this setting for each individual user at any time.

You can also...  [more...]

How do I create a new email or new eCard?
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In the navigation, go to either Email > New eCard or Email > New Email Design/Newsletter.

Select an eCard, invitation or email design by:

1. Searching for a design based on category, holiday or keyword
2. Clicking the tab to view your uploaded images and email templates
3. Clicking the heart icon to view favorite eCard and email...  [more...]

How do I create an eCard or Email Newsletter Template?
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Email templates make it easy to quickly send eCards, email newsletters, online invitations and online surveys to individuals and email lists as well as to ensure consistency in your communication. They are required if you want to use email automation.

To Create an Email Template from an Email You Sent...


How many email templates can I have?
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There is no limit to the number of email templates you can have. If you are part of a Multi User Plan, your administrator can also share email templates with their members with no limitations.

Benefits of Using Email Templates:


Do you have email newsletter templates?
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Yes, we have email newsletter templates that are fully designed and can be updated with your text and pictures. You can also build your own email newsletter templates from scratch and use them with our email automation tools.

Our email layout library is free and includes email designs for many different occasions not just email newsletters. We also have a free image...  [more...]

Can I add my logo and message to your email templates?
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Yes. You can upload up to 200 of your own images that can be inserted anywhere within our email template designs.

Our email template library has email designs for sales promotions, email newsletters, announcements, birthday celebrations, event invitations, holiday emails and more. Find the email template you want to use, insert it into your email message and then...


Are Email Templates included in my membership?
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Yes. CorpNote's email template library is free and included in your membership. You also have access to our free image library all for one low monthly price with no 'surprise' upgrade fees.

Choose from our email template library or create your own email templates from scratch using our email layout builder.


Do I have to know coding to use your email templates?
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No. When you select an email template, you will be able to edit it like you would a MS Word document. Our email editor has a toolbar for adjusting fonts, colors, bold, italic, inserting graphics etc.

You can also select global styles and colors to quickly change an email template to suit your branding needs. We also provide the ability to upload and insert ...  [more...]

How often do you add new email templates?
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We are continually adding email templates to our email layout library. If you like one of our email templates but not the images in the template, simply swap out the image for another one in our free image library or upload your own.

All of our email templates are free and highly customizable so you can create an email layout that's as unique as your...  [more...]

Can I create my own email templates from scratch?
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Yes - we provide an MS Word-like text editor where you can format your text, add hyperlinks, insert images and more without the need to use predefined content blocks or have programming experience.

If you want a little help, you can easily insert one of our pre-designed email layouts that you can further customize to create any type of email campaign...  [more...]

What is the difference between an eCard and an Email Template?
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Whether you are creating an eCard or using an email template, the process of creating an email is basically the same. Also, in both options you have the ability to choose your own colors, personalize your message, add a logo, contact information and include links to your website and social media.

Here is a list of the main differences.


Do you have sample eCards?
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We have sample eCards and email designs in several places on our website:


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