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What is CorpNote?
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Answer: CorpNote is a subscription-based suite of online business communication tools that lets you maintain business relationships while saving time and money by using internet technology. Use CorpNote's Online Greeting Cards to send and track messages and to deliver event invitations and surveys.

As a member, you will have full access to our unique library of eCard designs, which you can then [more...]

Is there any advertising on paid memberships?

Answer: No, there is not any advertising with our paid memberships. 

Will CorpNote be adding features to the system?

Answer: Yes. We are committed to bringing you the world's best online electronic greeting card and invitation service designed especially for business. As a member, you can elect to receive our newsletter and other announcements, which will give you full details about new features and enhancements as they roll out. Some of the plans CorpNote has for the near future are: Regular additions to the variety [more...]

Can I sign up for CorpNote's electronic newsletter even if I am not a member?

Answer: Yes! If you would like to be the first to be notified about CorpNote's new features and plans, please sign up for our free email newsletter.  

What are your office hours?
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Answer: Our business hours are Monday - Friday, from 9AM-5PM EST.  

How long have you been in the eCard, online invitations and surveys business?
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Answer: CorpNote Online Greeting Cards was first offered to the public in February 2004. The company that created CorpNote is Set Now Solutions and we have been in the Internet development business since 1996. Visit our web site at trust CorpNote?Read our testimonialsCheck out our client list 

How can I subscribe or unsubscribe from the CorpNote newsletter?

Answer: Click here to view our current newsletter, view back issues and subscribe or unsubscribe from our newsletter.  

Does CorpNote have a mobile application or an app in the Apple/Android store?

Answer: No - our website is complete mobile compatible, so an app is not necessary. 

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