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What is CorpNote?
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Answer: CorpNote is a subscription-based suite of online business communication tools that lets you maintain business relationships while saving time and money by using internet technology. Use CorpNote's Online Greeting Cards to send and track messages and to deliver event invitations and surveys.

As a member, you will have full access to our unique library of eCard designs, which you can then [more...]

How much does it cost to join?
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Answer: Our membership plans are available as a month-to-month subscription with no long term commitment.*

1. Single-User Memberships are $20/month

2. Multi-User Memberships are $10/month, per active member, and have a one-time, non-refundable $300 set-up fee. If you're not sure which plan is right for you, compare our plans and options.

Once you establish eith [more...]

How do I pay for membership?
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Answer: When you sign up for a CorpNote account, you will enter your credit card information via our secure online order page. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.
 Once you establish a CorpNote account, your credit card will automatically be charged monthly on your billing date, which can be viewed on the 'My Account > Overview' screen, in the yellow Account Noti [more...]

What is included in my monthly membership?
[Membership  |  Multi-User Membership]

Answer: Your monthly CorpNote membership allows you to send an unlimited number of eCards, invitations and surveys. We do NOT charge per eCard, per event or per survey. 

Click here to view a list of Company Plan and Individual Membership features. 

How do I cancel my membership?
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Answer: If you are a Single-User member or a Multi-User Administrator, you may cancel your membership at any time by completing our cancellation form. An email will be sent to you which contains a link. You must click on this link to finalize the cancellation process.We require this two-stepped approach for your protection - it provides evidence that the individual terminating the account is authorized to [more...]

What is CorpNote's satisfaction money-back guarantee?
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Answer: We are so sure that you are going to LOVE CorpNote, that we offer a 10-day money back guarantee for our Single-User Memberships ($20/month) subscribers. If you are not COMPLETELY satisfied, you may cancel your CorpNote account via our on-line account cancellation form within ten (10) days of joining. We will promptly refund your credit card. If you are having a problem with your account and n [more...]

How do I know what I was billed last month?
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Answer: You can view a list of your invoices at any time by signing into your account and selecting My Account > Billing and Password from the navigation menu, and then selecting the Invoices tab. On the left side of the screen is a list of all of your invoices.Click on the ’View Details’ button next to an invoice to see the full details of your invoice. For Multi-User Plan Administrat [more...]

Can I change my Single-User Membership to a Multi-User Plan? Can I upgrade to a Custom Interface?

Answer: Yes! Sign into your account and go to My Account > Billing and Password. Click the "Upgrade" tab.Single User Members have two options for upgrading their CorpNote account:1. Custom Interface UpgradeIf you only have one user but want to be able to brand the entire CorpNote site with your company logo, colors and footer links to your website and social media, then this option may b [more...]

Is there a minimum sign-up period, or a minimum number of months, that I have to pay for membership?
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Answer: No. We do not have a minimum sign up requirement and there is no long-term contract. Your service is month-to-month. You can sign up for one month, use the service, and then cancel 4 days prior to your monthly billing date and you will only be charged for your one month of use.There are two considerations that are important to note. When you join CorpNote, you are agreeing to be charged month [more...]

How long have you been in the eCard, online invitations and surveys business?
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Answer: CorpNote Online Greeting Cards was first offered to the public in February 2004. The company that created CorpNote is Set Now Solutions and we have been in the Internet development business since 1996. Visit our web site at trust CorpNote?Read our testimonialsCheck out our client list 

Do you have a free trial?

Answer: No we don't - sorry! But we offer a 10 day money-back guarantee for our Single-User Membership Plans, so you can see if we are a good fit for your needs. Here's why we do this... In an effort to protect our system from spammers and art thieves, we require all members to enter a valid credit card to sign up for our service, to protect our servers and our intellectual property. You [more...]

How do I renew my membership?
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Answer: Follow these steps to renew your CorpNote membership:1. Sign in with the email address and password you used for your account.
2. You will be presented with a form to renew your membership.
3. Enter your new/valid credit card information.

If your credit card is approved, you will immediately regain access to your account. If you renew within 60 days, you will see your addres [more...]

Can a larger corporation/company join CorpNote with a Single-User Membership?
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Answer: Yes. Both our Single-User Membership and our Multi-User Membership are designed for business users. Our Single-User Membership is perfect if you have one individual in your company sending eCards, managing events and managing surveys. With this membership, all eCards will be sent 'from' the email address used to create the account, and the eCard signature will reflect the na [more...]

Can I sign up for just one month to send holiday eCards?
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Answer: Yes. You can join CorpNote to send Holiday eCards (Season’s Greetings, Christmas, Valentine’s etc.) with no long-term membership commitment.There are two considerations that are important to note. When you join CorpNote, you are agreeing to be charged monthly for membership. It is your responsibility to notify us via our online form that you wish to terminate your membership before you [more...]

What happens to my scheduled cards (or scheduled recurring cards) if my membership becomes inactive?
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Answer: If you have eCards scheduled to be sent on a future date, and your account becomes inactive (because you cancelled, or your credit card became invalid), then they will not be sent. We delete any scheduled cards for past dates, for inactive accounts, so even if you reactivate your account, you wil not see these cards.If you have recurring eCards scheduled and your membership becomes inactive, your  [more...]

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