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How Does CorpNote use my Account and Address Book Information?
[Address Book & Contact Management  |  My Account]

CorpNote will never sell, distribute or make public your personal information or email addresses, unless necessary to comply with legal proceedings, to protect and defend the legal rights or property of CorpNote and its members, or to enforce CorpNote's Terms of Use. Please read our ... more double_arrow  

Reducing emails going into SPAM
[Address Book & Contact Management  |  Business eCards  |  Email Campaigns  |  General & Troubleshooting]

Automatic SPAM filters work on many levels, but there are some simple things you can do to improve your chances of getting your email message through to your recipient.


Maximum Number of Recipients per Email
[Address Book & Contact Management  |  Business eCards  |  Email Campaigns]

You can send an unlimited number of emails per day; however, there is a limit to the number of recipients you can include in each email. When you select to send your email to an email list you have created in your address book, you can send your email to up to 2,500 recipients with a single click.

When you manually enter/paste/select addresses... more double_arrow  

How do I address my emails?
[Address Book & Contact Management  |  Business eCards  |  Email Campaigns]

After you compose your email message, click the ’Address/Send’ button at the top of the page.

You can add people to your Address List in these 3 ways:

... more double_arrow  

Autofill Names in the Greeting Line of my Email
[Address Book & Contact Management  |  Business eCards  |  Email Campaigns]

To autofill a contact's first name at the top of your email, in the editor click the button for "Top Greeting." Check the 'Autofill Name' box to auto-insert the first name of contacts in your address book. Recipients NOT in your address book will see what you type in the ALT text box. 

To see how... more double_arrow  

Will my Recipients See my Email List?
[Business eCards  |  Address Book & Contact Management  |  Email Campaigns]

Each business eCard, email newsletter and online invitation is sent to an individual email address and does not display other recipient's names or email addresses. We do not use CC or BCC in any emails.

Similarly, if you are sending invitations, the people you invite will not see the other people you have invited.


What information should I include for contacts in my Address Book?
[Address Book & Contact Management]

Each contact must have a first name, last name and a unique email address. You can also provide the following information: company, category (for example: customer, employee, etc.), start date, birthday, anniversary, and comments. We encourage you to provide as much information as possible, since additional fields make it easier for you to search for contacts and send ... more double_arrow  

What is 'Start Date' used for in the address book?
[Address Book & Contact Management]

The start date field can be used for the date an employee started with your company or the date you and a customer first did business. This enables you to easily search for contacts when you want to send a customer or employee appreciation eCard. You can use our email automation tools to send regularly scheduled repeating business eCards or email newsletters that... more double_arrow  

Email List Unsubscribe
[Address Book & Contact Management]

At the bottom of every business eCard, email newsletter and online invitation there is a link for the recipient to unsubscribe from your email list. Once they click the link and choose to unsubscribe, CorpNote will automatically stop you from being able to send emails through our service to this email address. This is very helpful when you have included an email address... more double_arrow  

Can't select a Birth/Anniversary date more than 10 years ago
[Address Book & Contact Management]

When you are manually entering birthdates and anniversary dates in your online address book, the calendar displays the last 10 years as a default (e.g. 2008 - 2018). To select a year more than 10 years in the past simply select the oldest date, and the calendar tool refreshes and lets you pick the prior 10 years. By jumping back 10 years at a time, you can assign any date ... more double_arrow  

Importing Email Addresses into my Address Book
[Address Book & Contact Management]

You can import addresses from any program that lets you create a text or .CSV file with fields separated by commas.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. In the navigation, go to My Account > Address Book
  2. Click the 'Import' tab
  3. Click the 'Browse' button to find and select your .csv data file
  4. Review your ...

... more double_arrow  

Maximum Email Addresses in my Address Book
[Address Book & Contact Management]

You can have up to 2,500 contacts in your address book (per account). Please contact us if your list exceeds 2,500 emails and you would like to discuss options.

Note: a recipient does not have to be in your address book for you to send them an email using CorpNote. When sending an email, you can type email addresses or select contacts from your address book. There are no... more double_arrow  

Add New Contacts to an Existing Email List
[Address Book & Contact Management]

Follow these steps to add new contacts to an existing email list in your address book:

  1. In the navigation, go to My Account > Address Book
  2. Import or manually add your new contacts
    Tip: assign them all to the same 'category' so you can easily find them.
  3. Click the "Email Lists" tab more double_arrow

Easily Delete a Category of Contacts
[Address Book & Contact Management]

Go to your address book and use the 'advance search' to search for the category that contains the contacts you want to delete. In the resulting page, click 'Select All' and then click the 'Delete Checked' button.

IMPORTANT: Once you delete a contact, they are permanently removed and cannot be retrieved again.


Adding Contacts to my Address Book
[Address Book & Contact Management]

You can add contacts to your address book in two ways:

... more double_arrow  

Importing Macintosh Address Book Contacts into CorpNote
[Address Book & Contact Management]

Macintosh's contact manager does not allow you to export your contacts in the file format compatible with CorpNote's address book. This is a "feature" of the Mac OS and is not under the scope of our technical support. However, our Mac users have reported success using third party applications which give you the ability to export contacts as a .csv file.

... more double_arrow  

Sending Business eCards and Email Newsletters without using the Address Book
[Business eCards  |  Address Book & Contact Management  |  Email Campaigns]

You can manually type or paste up to 250 email addresses (1 per line) for each business eCard and email newsletter. In the address area, select "Type Email Addresses" and then paste or type your recipient's email addresses. Click the "Add Recipient(s) to Address List" button to save your changes and prepare your eCard or email newsletter for sending... more double_arrow  

How can I export my Contacts?
[Address Book & Contact Management]

To export the contacts in your address book, sign into your account and go to My Account > Address Book. Click the export tab and click the link to download your contacts as a .csv file.

Your unsubscribed contacts will not be included in this file. To view or export your unsubscribed contacts, click on the unsubscribed tab.


How do I format my contacts file for import?
[Address Book & Contact Management]

Contacts need to be imported as a .csv file. You can create this by hand in MS Excel or export your contacts from your contact manager software. Review your contact manager’s instruction manual and follow the instructions for creating a .csv file.

At minimum, your contacts file must have these 3 columns to import correctly... ... more double_arrow  

How does email automation work?
[Address Book & Contact Management  |  Business eCards  |  Email Automation  |  Email Campaigns]

It's easy to set up automated email campaigns to send eCards for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc.; weekly newsletters and more.

Email automation lets you select a business eCard or email newsletter design, or several designs, and have it automatically sent to a group of recipients at an interval that you choose - annually on... more double_arrow  

How do I view and track automated emails that have been sent?
[Address Book & Contact Management  |  Business eCards  |  Email Automation  |  Email Campaigns]

After an automated email is sent, you will see it in your email history intermixed with your other sent emails. All automated emails will have an icon Recurring automated emails are identified by this icon. next to them to indicate that the email was sent as part of ... more double_arrow  

Why do I have to use email lists for email automation?
[Address Book & Contact Management  |  Business eCards  |  Email Automation]

To set automated email campaigns for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, you must create an email list in your address book. Here are some of the reasons why:


How do I view scheduled emails in an automated email campaign?
[Address Book & Contact Management  |  Email Automation]

To view the scheduled emails in an automated email campaign, go to Email > Automated Email Campaigns. Find the automated email campaign and click the view icon.

You will see the settings for this automated email campaign including the email list assigned to it. Next to 'Send Date,' click the link for 'View scheduled – next 30 days.'.... more double_arrow  

How do I manage unsubscribes from my email list?
[Address Book & Contact Management]

There are several ways that CorpNote helps you manage your email list unsubscribes. Each email you send has a 'Manage Your Email Preferences' link that enables your recipients to unsubscribe or subscribe to your email list and your CorpNote address book is automatically updated. In your address book... more double_arrow  

How do I import my contacts into email lists?
[Address Book & Contact Management]

Importing contacts into an email list is a two-step process. You will need to import your contacts into your address book, and then add them to an email list.

Step 1: Import your contacts into your address book. We recommend entering a category for these new contacts (for example 'import 12/2/19') to make it easy to find them... more double_arrow  

Why are some contacts not imported into my address book?
[Address Book & Contact Management]

Contacts will not be imported if they don’t have a first name, last name or valid email address. Contacts must have unique email addresses. Two different contacts cannot share an email address. If a duplicate email address is detected, you will be asked to select which contact should be imported.

If a contact is already in your address book, you will have the option to... more double_arrow  

How to view Contacts that have not been assigned to an Email List
[Address Book & Contact Management]

To find contacts that have not been assigned to any email lists, go to your address book and in the "Show" drop down menu select ‘Email Lists Assigned.’ If a contact is not assigned to an email list, their record will say “No Email Lists Assigned”.

How to Assign Contacts to Email Lists:

... more double_arrow  

How do I Improve my Email Open Rates / Email Deliverability?
[Address Book & Contact Management  |  Business eCards  |  Email Campaigns  |  My Account]

Your email open rate and email deliverability are determined by whether internet service providers and people's SPAM filters let your email through.

Our blog - How to Increase Email Open Rates and Email Deliverability - includes tips for how to... more double_arrow  

How do I Remove/Correct Bounced Emails?
[Address Book & Contact Management]

Your CorpNote emails are sent from your email address so you will receive the email bounces and can continue to refine and clean your email list.

Why is it important to remove bounced emails from your email lists?

Removing bounced email addresses will immediately improve the quality of your email lists and will yield a better and more accurate... more double_arrow  

How can CorpNote help me Comply with SPAM and Online Commerce Laws?
[Address Book & Contact Management]

All business emails must contain your physical address, contact information and the ability to unsubscribe from your email list. In many countries, this is required by law. It is also important because internet service providers scan your email for this information and may have an impact on your email deliverability.

CorpNote enables you to include full contact information... more double_arrow  

How can I automate birthday cards when 2 people share the same email address?
[Address Book & Contact Management  |  Email Automation]

If 2 people in your contacts list share the same email address, you cannot send automated birthday cards directly to each person the way you would if they each had their own email address. This article gives you a creative solution, so each person can receive an automated birthday card... more double_arrow  

How do I autofill a contact's name and company in my subject line and preheader?
[Address Book & Contact Management  |  Email Campaigns]

On the Address & Send screen, you will see the open text fields to enter the Subject Line and Preheader Text for your email.

To autofill a contact's information into your subject line or preheader, place your cursor in the subject line or preheader field where you want the autofill information to appear and click the link for 'autofill name.' Then... more double_arrow  

How do I autofill a contact's name and company in my email?
[Address Book & Contact Management  |  Email Campaigns]

When composing your email, click the button for "Autofill Name." Then place your cursor in the editor where you want the name or company to appear in your email and click the button for 'First Name', 'First & Last Name' or 'Company Name'. The appropriate placeholder will be inserted into the editor. more double_arrow  

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