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Why do I need to allow Cookies to use your web site?
[Browser Settings]

Answer: Our site uses cookies to save your eCard information and other preferences as you go from screen to screen.

Cookies are controlled by your web browser and your Internet or security settings. If you have cookies turned off as a general setting in your browser, you can still allow cookies to be used specifically on our site. Refer to your browser's help section for more details. 

Does your service use pop-up windows?
[Browser Settings]

Answer: Very few features on our site use pop-up windows.We have kept this to a minimum since some web browsers and Internet service providers offer the option to 'block' pop-up windows to help block annoying advertising. Popup windows are also a nuisance on mobile devices. You may experience your browser opening a new tab, for instance if you are downloading data from your account. This is normal [more...]

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