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What is CorpNote's policy on spam?
[Email and Spam]

Answer: CorpNote considers spam to be unsolicited bulk email messages, sent to people or email addresses that have not given you express permission to email them. Any use of CorpNote to send what we consider to be SPAM is strictly prohibited. All members that use the CorpNote system must agree to our Terms of Use, which clearly details our no-spam policy. View the U.S. Federal Trade Commission's  [more...]

When I send an eCard or invitation, will the email have my return email address?
[eCards - Creating and Sending  |  Email and Spam]

Answer: Yes. When you send an eCard, the email your eCard recipient sees will have your name and email address (as you entered it when you joined, or if you edited it in your personal preferences.)If your eCard recipient clicks 'reply' to your email, their email will come to you.

Our system requires that your email address be valid for your eCards to be sent. 

Why can't I receive eCards sent to myself or to other people in my company?
[Email and Spam]

Answer: When you send an eCard, CorpNote uses your email address as the 'from ' and 'reply to' email address.Your email administrator might have an email filter in place that is blocking incoming emails that say they're from a company email address, but are recognized as being sent from another email server. While this is a legitimate practice for third-party email servi [more...]

My eCards are going into SPAM. What can I do to reduce this?
[Email and Spam]

Answer: Automatic SPAM filters work on many levels, but there are some simple things you can do to improve your chances of getting through. Make sure the people you are sending eCards to have given you permission to contact them via email. If the problem is ongoing, they can add your email address to their list of "trusted senders".
  Create good, descriptive email subject lines. ( [more...]

If I send an eCard to multiple recipients, will they all see each other's names and email addresses?
[eCards - Creating and Sending  |  Email and Spam]

Answer: No. Each eCard is sent to an individual email address. Your eCard recipients will not see the other people you sent the eCard to. We do not use CC or BCC in the eCard email. 

How do I know if my eCard recipient's email address is valid?
[Address Book  |  Email and Spam]

Answer: Similar to the way the post office handles undeliverable mail, most mail servers will return an “undeliverable” email message for invalid email addresses.  When you send an email or a CorpNote eCard to an invalid email addresses, you should  receive  a "bounce back" email notice in your email inbox. (This is one reason we use your real email address when y [more...]

How do I change the email address on my account?
[Billing and Passwords  |  Email and Spam]

Answer: To change your 'From' and 'Reply To' email address: In the navigation, go to My Account > Preferences.
  Select the 'Signature Options' Tab.
  Enter your new email address in the "Email" field and click the "Save Changes" button.Important: Changing this email address will also change your "sign in" email address, as we [more...]

What happens if a recipient's email address is incorrectly input and sent?
[Email and Spam]

Answer: Since we use your real email address as the ‘from’ and ‘reply to’ address, any incorrectly addressed eCards will come back to you as an email bounce-back. This works just like any email you might send to an invalid email address. 

How will I know if I sent an eCard to an email address that no longer exists?
[Address Book  |  Email and Spam]

Answer: If an eCard is sent to an email address that is no longer in use, then you will get an email ‘bounce back’ at the email address you are using for your account. It works just like an email that you send to an inactive email address via regular email.The email address you use to sign into your CorpNote account is the email address that the bounce back will come to. It is also the email a [more...]

Why are there funny characters in my email subject line?
[Email and Spam]

Answer: Most email programs do not support the use of all characters, especially ‘smart quote’ characters that Word and other programs auto-insert as you type. According to Microsoft:This always happens when you are using characters (Such as apostrophes, double quotes, dashes, and ellipsis). Solution: When creating your email subject line, DO NOT copy and paste your text – instead,  [more...]

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