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How many people can I send my eCard to? Are there limits?
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Answer: There's two answers to this question...First, in terms of limits, CorpNote allows you to send as many cards as you like. Your monthly membership fee is for "unlimited" sending of ecards.Second, there are two ways to send a single card - each having a maximum number of recipients when you click the "send" button. Manually enter/paste/select addresses, either from a list [more...]

Can I add comments to an eCard that no one else sees?
[Account Features  |  eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: For every eCard you create and send you can create a personal comment that only you see. This is helpful when you want to record the reason you sent an eCard, how you know the person, whether you posted the eCard in Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.You can also enter personal comments when you create an eCard Template or a QuickSend template.

Are invitations and surveys included in my eCard membership?
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Answer: Yes. All members can send an unlimited number of eCards, invitations and surveys per month. 

Can the CorpNote system look like my web site?
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Answer: Yes! CorpNote offers a Custom Interface option that lets you customize the CorpNote site with your company logo, colors and footer links, to look like your own company website. The Custom Interface comes with our Multi-User Membership, and allows your 'CorpNote Plan Administrator' to upload and create a custom interface that will be seen by your employees, and everyone you send eCards to.W [more...]

Can I post an eCard in social media?
[Account Features]

Answer: Yes! Here’s how to post an eCard in social media.Method 1: Share by pasting a direct link Create an eCard and send it to yourself. Make sure it looks the way you want it to because you can’t edit it once you’ve sent it. Go to eCards > Sent Cards at the top of the screen. Find the eCard you created and want to post and click its ’Copy Link’ button. A URL with a [more...]

How can I send an eCard with my company logo?
[Account Features  |  eCards - Uploading Photos/ Artwork]

Answer: Option 1 - Your logo in your Footer SignatureCorpNote enables you to upload a company logo (up to 200 x 200 pixels for left, centered or right aligned footers; up to 600px wide x 200px high for centered footers) that will display at the bottom of each eCard with your signature information – name, address, website, etc.Tutorials - Account Setup > SignatureOption 2 - Create and upload  [more...]

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