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Cost per Survey

We do not charge a price per survey or based on the number of people who reply to your survey. You pay one low monthly membership fee to send an unlimited number of surveys, eCards and invitations. The cost per month ranges from $10 to $20 per month depending on the membership plan that's right for you. View our...  [more...]

Email Notifications on Survey Responses

At any time, you can add/remove the sending of an email notification to you when someone responds to your survey. This is especially helpful if you aren't checking your account daily.

When you add or modify your survey in the survey manager, you will see an option for 'Would you like to receive an email when someone responds?’ The default to this question...  [more...]

Downloading Survey Responses in MS Excel

You can download an MS Excel compatible file of your survey responses on an individual or aggregate basis. Technically, the file you download is a .csv comma delimited file that can be imported into other software and mobile apps as well.

Here's how to download your survey results.


Can I add, modify or delete individual responses to surveys?

Yes, you can add, modify and delete survey responses. Be aware that once you modify or delete a response, you cannot reverse that action.

To Add a Survey Response:

1. Find the survey for which you want to add a response and then click "Add Response" in the options drop-down list.

2. Answer the survey and click the 'Submit Survey Response'...  [more...]

How do I create and distribute a survey?

Here's the quick answer on how to create surveys that can be distributed via eCard your website, social media, blog or email program.

Step 1. Sign in and in the navigation, go to Surveys > Create a Survey.

Step 2. Name your survey, choose your opening text and then select how many questions you want your survey to have.

Your questions can be...  [more...]

Maximum Survey Questions

You can create an online survey with up to 20 survey questions. Your questions can be multiple choice with 1 answer or multiple answers allowed (check boxes), a rating scale, and or an open text box for written answers.

You can also get more detailed information from your respondents by combining the multiple choice or rating scale option with a comments box that will...  [more...]

Viewing Survey Responses

As soon as your survey receives a response, you will see the 'view responses' option in the drown menu next to the survey name. You can also click the button that tells you how many responses you have for that survey.

Here's how to view and manage your survey responses:


What if Someone Calls or Mails in their Survey Response?

You can easily add a survey response, and even modify existing response information, so your survey results are always up-to-date regardless of the source.

Sign into your account and go to Surveys > Manage Surveys. In the drop-down list next to the survey you want to view, select "Add a Response." You will see the same survey response form as your...  [more...]

Sending eCards, Invitations, and Surveys on a Mobile Device
[eCards  |  Invitations  |  Surveys]

Our website is mobile compatible which makes sending eCards, Invitations, and Surveys easier and faster than ever before. Your recipients can also use a computer or mobile device to view and respond to your eCards, invitations and surveys. There is no need to download a separate 'App'. CorpNote is compatible with Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Android and more.


Receiving eCards, Invitations, and Surveys on a Mobile Device
[eCards  |  Invitations  |  Surveys]

Our website is mobile compatible so your recipients can use a computer or mobile device to view and respond to your eCards, invitations and surveys. They do not need to download a separate 'App'.

Important Note: Our animated eCards use HTML5 animation, which is the current standard for compatibility. Some software programs ...  [more...]

Turning eCards into Invitations or Surveys
[eCards  |  Invitations  |  Surveys]

CorpNote seamlessly ties eCards, Invitations and Surveys together into a single tool. To create an Invitation or Survey eCard, first create an event or survey in the invitation or survey manager. The next time you compose an eCard, you will see a menu that allows you to insert that survey or event as part of your eCard. For events, you can click a button that will include ...  [more...]

Using eCards to Send Surveys and Invitations
[Invitations  |  Surveys]

CorpNote eCards can contain a link to a survey response form, an invitation response form or both. An example of where this might be useful is if a person is having an awards dinner and sends an eCard invitation to their guest list. In the same eCard, they also include a survey which asks them to cast their vote for who they think should get an award in each category.

Check ...  [more...]

Multiple Surveys in One eCard

You can create one eCard that has links to multiple survey response forms. This is helpful if you want to provide your recipients with a link to more than one survey or you want them to choose from several surveys based on their type of relationship with your product or service. The way to send one eCard that contains links to multiple surveys is to use our ...  [more...]

Sending Survey Reminders

We've made it easy to send a survey reminder. Follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your account and go to Surveys > Manage Surveys
  2. Choose 'Recipient List' from the drop-down options menu next to the survey that you want to send a reminder for
  3. In the Recipients Summary box, you have the option to send an eCard
  4. Select the group ...


Changing Survey Information

To change your survey, go to Surveys > Manage Surveys, and select 'Edit Survey' from the drop-down menu next to the survey you want to change. Make your changes and click the 'Save Changes' button. Anyone completing the survey after you make your changes will see those changes immediately.

If you have received responses to your survey, we ...  [more...]

Resending a Survey to Recipients Who Did Not Respond

Because you could have sent multiple eCards with a link to your survey, the instructions for re-sending a survey notice to those that did not respond are different than re-sending a single eCard. Your survey list consolidates all of your recipients into one list and tracks whether they viewed the notice and whether they responded.

Follow these instructions for ...  [more...]

Blocking Forwarding of Surveys

You cannot block people from either forwarding a survey or sharing a survey response form link. You can, however, put text in your survey eCard and survey opening text that tells people that your survey is by invitation only and that the survey should not be passed along to others.


How do I keep track of who I sent my survey to?

No matter how many separate eCards you send with a link to your survey, your recipient list is automatically consolidated for you. In the survey manager, select ‘Recipient List’ from the drop down menu next to your survey.

This consolidated list enables you to keep track of who has viewed and responded to your survey. You can easily re-send a survey to ...  [more...]

Sending Survey Follow-Up and Thank You eCards

If you asked for an email address from your survey respondents, you can easily send a follow-up or thank you eCard to the people who responded to your survey.

  1. Sign into your account and go the survey manager.
  2. Find the survey for which you want to send a follow-up eCard. In the drop-down list of options, select "View Responses".


Are there ads on my survey?

No - CorpNote does not display advertising for other companies, and we minimize all of our branding in order to highlight your company.

For security and transparency, we identify CorpNote as the survey service provider with a small message at the bottom of the survey response form that says "Created with CorpNote - Online Greeting Cards, Invitations and Surveys".


Can I share a link to my survey or post it on a website or blog?

Yes - you can share a survey in social media, on your website, on your blog and even as a text message.

To share your survey, use our 'direct link' feature to either post or send:

For detailed ...  [more...]

Can I send a survey to a group of contacts?

Yes - you can create ‘Groups’ of contacts in your address book and each group can contain up to 2,500 email contacts – which is your address book limit. By putting your contacts into Groups, you can quickly send a survey to many people with a single click.

There are no limits to how many different Groups you can create, and the same individual ...  [more...]

How can I copy the recipient list from one survey to a new survey?

Every time you send a survey via a CorpNote eCard, your recipients are added to your recipient list. Select ‘Recipient List’ from the drop-down menu next to the survey on the Manage Surveys screen.

On this page, there is an option in the ‘Send an eCard’ drop-down menu to select ‘all people on this list’. Choosing this option will ...  [more...]

Can I send a survey to more people after I send my original survey notice?

Yes - you can create a new eCard or create a copy of the original eCard that contained the survey response form link and send it to a new person or group of people.

To create a copy of your original eCard, go to eCards > Sent Cards and locate the original eCard you sent with that survey. Select ‘Copy Card’ from the options drop down menu to make a copy...  [more...]

Can I send a survey via text message?

Yes – you can send a link in a text message to either an eCard that describes the survey and links to it or you can send a link directly to the survey response form. This is especially useful for customer service follow ups.

Here are the general steps for texting a survey:

  1. Create your survey in the survey manager
  2. Copy the direct ...


Can I copy an existing survey to create a new survey?

Yes, you can create a new survey based on an existing survey in your account. Go to the Survey Manager and find the survey that you want to copy. In the options drop down menu next to that survey, select 'Copy Survey.' An exact duplicate of the survey will be created. The survey name will have the word 'COPY' in it, so that you know you are...


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