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How do I create an eCard?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: Basic Instructions:In the navigation, go to eCards > Create New.Select an eCard or invitation design by: Searching for a design based on category, holiday or keyword Click a tab to view new designs, your designs, favorites or templatesClick the thumbnail of the design you want to use.Compose your message and address your eCard. You can send the eCard now, save it for later, or schedule it  [more...]

How do I search for an eCard design?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: When you choose "Create a New eCard" you'll see a screen with our top categories and a search bar at the top.In the category sections you can click "View All" to see more cards in that category. The top search bar gives you three ways to browse our card designs: Occasions - such as anniversary, birthday, congratulations, greetings, invitation, thank you and more... Hol [more...]

How do I add an eCard design as a favorite?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: Favorites let you mark card designs for quick access. Click on the thumbnail image of a design you want to save as a favorite to view it large. To save a design as a favorite click the orange "Add to favorites" button that's on top of the image you want to save.To view and select your favorite designs, go to the "Favorites" tab on the Choose a Card Design screen. (eCards &g [more...]

When I compose an eCard, what options do I have for formatting the text of my message?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: The top part of the "Message" screen lets you globally set the background color, typeface (font) and font color, and font size for your entire card.The message area that appears under the eCard picture or animation lets you further edit the appearance and layout of the eCard. This is an easy-to-use 'MS Word-like' text area that gives you the following text tools: font typefa [more...]

Can I insert text from another program into my eCard?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: Yes! But because each program works slightly differently, your results may vary. Many programs, like MS Word, format text with code that you cannot see when you are copying, and may give unexpected results when you paste the text into the Message area of your CorpNote eCard. Here are some general tips to get you started: You can copy from virtually any program that allows you to highlight the [more...]

Can I use HTML code when composing my eCard message?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: No, you cannot insert HTML directly into an eCard.CorpNote uses an easy-to-use MS Word-like compose tool that adds the HTML code for you. (If you type in HTML code in the text editor, it will display the unwanted code in your eCard.) CorpNote also uses filters to remove certain content/code that could cause undesirable results in our product. 

Can I insert a hyperlink to a web site or email address in my eCard message?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: Yes, you can insert links to web sites or email addresses in any eCard.Highlight the text you want to be clickable and then click the 'link' icon in the message toolbar. This will open the Link tool. Here are your options:Link Type: URL Select URL for a link to another website. (The tab will change to display “Link info”.) When you paste your web address in the U [more...]

How many people can I send my eCard to? Are there limits?
[Account Features  |  eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: There's two answers to this question...First, in terms of limits, CorpNote allows you to send as many cards as you like. Your monthly membership fee is for "unlimited" sending of ecards.Second, there are two ways to send a single card - each having a maximum number of recipients when you click the "send" button. Manually enter/paste/select addresses, either from a list [more...]

How do I address my eCard?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: When you are finished composing your eCard message, click the ’Address/Send’ button at the top of the page. You can then add people to your Address List in these 3 ways: Type (or paste) just email addresses, one per line - up to 250 addresses at a time - and click the ’Add Recipient(s)to Address List’ button.
  Click the ’Use Address Book’ but [more...]

How do I schedule my eCard to be sent on a future date?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: After creating and addressing an eCard, you'll see the option to send it. To select a future date, click the "Select Date" option and then pick a date using the calendar tool. Once the date is selected, click the "Schedule Card" button to cue it up for sending in the future.You can also use date information that you import into your CorpNote online address book to automatic [more...]

How do I track and manage my eCards?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: To manage your sent eCards, choose eCards > Sent Cards from the navigation menu.
 The default screen will show a thumbnail of all cards sent in the last 60 days, with a history of who viewed it and if it contains a survey or invitation. You can click the thumbnail image to view more card details, and to follow up to people who have or have not viewed your card. Here are some of the [more...]

Can I add comments to an eCard that no one else sees?
[Account Features  |  eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: For every eCard you create and send you can create a personal comment that only you see. This is helpful when you want to record the reason you sent an eCard, how you know the person, whether you posted the eCard in Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.You can also enter personal comments when you create an eCard Template or a QuickSend template.

Can CorpNote design eCards for me?
[eCards - Creating and Sending  |  eCards - Uploading Photos/ Artwork]

Answer: Yes, we can create a set of custom eCards for you. We can create simple eCard designs or elaborate animated eCards with sound and interactivity. We have a variety of options to suit your budget. Contact us through our 'Contact Us' form. 

How many links can I put in my eCards?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: You can have as many links as you want in the text of your eCard. Our formatting tool enables you to create links to email addresses and web sites.  

Are invitations and surveys included in my eCard membership?
[Account Features  |  eCards - Creating and Sending  |  Invitations  |  Surveys]

Answer: Yes. All members can send an unlimited number of eCards, invitations and surveys per month. 

When I send an eCard or invitation, will the email have my return email address?
[eCards - Creating and Sending  |  Email and Spam]

Answer: Yes. When you send an eCard, the email your eCard recipient sees will have your name and email address (as you entered it when you joined, or if you edited it in your personal preferences.)If your eCard recipient clicks 'reply' to your email, their email will come to you.

Our system requires that your email address be valid for your eCards to be sent. 

How do I create a one-time send list?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: Create your eCard and then type your email addresses or copy your email address list from another program. Make sure there is only one email address per line.
 For example:
John.Doe@abc-company.comYou can then copy and paste your list (up to 250 email addresses) onto the 'Address/Send' screen of the card you want [more...]

Can I track who has not responded to an eCard and resend it to them?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: Yes. Follow these steps:

1. In the navigation, go to eCards > Sent Cards2. Click the thumbnail of the eCard you want to view/resend. (eCards that have not been viewed by any of the recipients will have a gray 'closed envelope' icon next to them.)3. If a sent eCard has not been viewed by at least 1 recipient, in the options drop down menu you will see an option for 'Copy  [more...]

Can I send eCards to employees within my own company?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: Yes. There are no limits to you doing this as part of your CorpNote membership. From time to time, some users experience trouble sending eCards to their employees, or to themselves. This is because some IT departments will block employee emails that have an IP address different than their main email server, but which have a company email address as the 'reply to' or 'from' [more...]

How do I make a Copy of an eCard I have sent?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: Follow these steps:
1. Sign into your account 2. Using the navigation, go to eCards > Sent Cards and find the eCard you want to copy 3. In the 'Options' drop-down list, select "Copy Card"
A copy of your eCard will appear and you may now modify it as you wish. 

Can I send eCards without creating a CorpNote address book or importing my contacts?
[Address Book  |  eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: Yes. You can type, or copy and paste, up to 250 email addresses (1 address per line) into the Address/Send screen.Make sure you have "Type email addresses" selected in the “Add Recipients to Address List" area, and paste (or type) your recipient's addresses. Then click the "Add Recipient(s) to Address List" button to save your changes and prepare your card f [more...]

What can I include in the signature/footer part of my eCard?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: Your signature appears at the bottom of every eCard you create. You can include: your name title company name postal address or company slogan phone number email address website address social media links your company logo or an uploaded photo/image.You can predefine your signature settings and then tailor which fields of information you want to display on each individual eCard. For [more...]

How do I get a person's first name to appear in the Greeting line of my eCard?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: To use the "auto fill names" feature for your eCard greeting, you must have an address book entry with a first name for each contact you are including in the eCard send list. When your eCard recipients pick up their card, their first name will appear in the greeting. If you do not have a first name for the recipient, your alternate text will appear. If you did not select altern [more...]

If I send an eCard to multiple recipients, will they all see each other's names and email addresses?
[eCards - Creating and Sending  |  Email and Spam]

Answer: No. Each eCard is sent to an individual email address. Your eCard recipients will not see the other people you sent the eCard to. We do not use CC or BCC in the eCard email. 

Do you have free eCards?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: No, but you can sign up for our individual membership plan and use our 10 day "money back guarantee" if you're not completely satisfied. 

Can I include social media links in my eCards?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: Yes! In the signature line of every eCard you have the ability to pre-set links to your social media, for the following services:
  Twitter Facebook LinkedIn YouTube Pinterest InstagramTutorials - Account Setup > Signature OptionsTip: Did you know you can post eCards in social media? Social media posts with images generate much more interest, comments and click-throughs compar [more...]

Can I save eCard designs or favorites for future use?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: Yes.  Members can easily save favorite eCard designs for quick access. You can also make copies of eCards you’ve already sent or you can create eCard templates. Your copy or template will contain the eCard design, message text and signature options you had used with the original eCard. You can also save favorite colors and styles, save favorite eCard designs to display on [more...]

How do I turn an eCard into an online invitation or survey that people can respond to?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: CorpNote seamlessly ties eCards, Invitations and Surveys together into a single tool.To create an Invitation or Survey eCard, first create an event or survey in the invitation or survey manager. The next time you compose an eCard, you will see a menu that allows you to insert that survey or event as part of your eCard. You can also include additional details such as directions. The eCard [more...]

Do you charge per eCard, survey or invitation?
[eCards - Creating and Sending  |  Invitations  |  Surveys]

Answer: No - everything is included in your monthly membership fee. There is no limit to how many eCards, event invitations or surveys you can send. You can create eCard templates, save favorites and create an unlimited number of events and surveys. We also do not charge based on the number of people who respond to your invitation or survey. 

If I post an eCard in a social media channel, like Facebook or LinkedIn, will I know how many times it was viewed?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: Yes. When you post an eCard on social media websites, you do not have as much detail as to who is picking up your eCard like you do when sending an eCard to an individual email address. You will, however, still see how many times it was viewed by clicking on the button for 'View Card'. Each view, for which we cannot identify the recipient, will be marked as ’anonymous.’
 Tip:  [more...]

If I post an eCard in a social media channel, can I control who sees who sees my eCard?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: You can only control who sees your eCard by using the tools provided by the social media website.  For example, when you post to Facebook, you can post on your timeline, a friend’s timeline, in a group, on your company page (if you are the company page administrator), or in a private message. If you post to your own timeline, Facebook allows you to choose who can view the post. For [more...]

Do eCards I post in social media websites expire?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: As long as your membership is current and does not lapse, your eCards will be accessible from a link you post including social media channels. If you let your membership payment lapse for 60 days, those eCards have already been permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved. 

Can I change my eCard once I send it or post it on a social media channel?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: No. That is why we recommend double checking your eCard text for typos and grammar before sending. Some of our members will send an eCard to themselves to ensure it looks the way they want it to before sending it to the people on their list or posting on a social media website.  

Can I get a listing of who has picked up eCards that I send?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: Yes. Go to the eCards > Sent Cards. In the options menu for any eCard, either click on the envelopes that show the pickup statistics or choose "View Recipients and Pickup Status' from the drop down menu. From this screen you will see the pickup statistics for the eCard including who viewed it and how many times. The options menu on this page also enable you to copy the eCard and s [more...]

How does CorpNote record my eCards' 'view' information?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: When the eCard recipient opens their email and views the card, CorpNote records that action as a ’pickup.’ We use an 'invisible graphic' that's embedded in the message - which is a standard way of tracking email messages. The caveat to this method is that if the recipient has 'images set to not display' in their email program, CorpNote does not record that action as [more...]

How do I create an eCard template?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: Here’s how to create an eCard template in 3 easy steps: Send yourself an eCard and make sure everything looks the way you want it to. Go to eCards > Sent Cards. In the options drop-down list select "Save as eCard Template". Give your eCard template a description, select an optional category and enter your optional comments, to help you recognize this template in the future. Clic [more...]

How many eCard Templates can I have?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: We do not set a limit on the number of eCard templates you can have. 

Can I save favorite eCard text to be used in other eCards?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: Yes. Our Message Helper allows you to create and search for commonly used messages, which you can then easily insert into your eCards. The messages can contain formatting like color, size, lists, and hyperlinked text.The Message Helper is divided into the following features: Message Finder - Search our database of suggested sayings and messages for many occasions
  My Messages - Allows yo [more...]

Is there a way to view your Holiday eCard selections before I pay?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: Our full array of Holiday eCards is only available to our paid members but our Single-User Membership ($20/month) has a 10-day money back guarantee. Once you sign up you’ll see all of our eCard designs and be able to test the service as much as you like for 10 days.You can also a sampling of some of our holiday eCard designs throughout our publically available website includin [more...]

When do you release new holiday eCard designs?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: We release new holiday eCards for the winter holidays from October through December. For all other holidays, new eCards are generally released a few weeks before the holiday. For more information, view our tutorial on selecting an eCard design. 

How can I export my Macintosh Address Book contacts, so I can import into CorpNote?
[Address Book  |  eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: Macintosh’s contact manager does not allow you to export your contacts in the file format needed to create an address book in CorpNote. This is a 'feature' of the Mac OS, and as such is not under the scope of our technical support. But our Mac users have reported success using 3rd party applications, which give you the ability to export contacts as a .CSV file. Do [more...]

Do eCards, surveys and invitations work on mobile devices?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: Yes! CorpNote has been completely redesigned to be fully compatible with mobile devices.Tutorials - Creating and Sending an eCard or InvitationTutorials - Invitation Manager > Easily Send Online Invitations and Manage Guest ListsTutorials - Survey Manager > Send Online Surveys and Manage Responses 

Do your eCards display on mobile devices? Can I send an eCard from my mobile device?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: Yes! CorpNote has been completely redesigned to be fully compatible with mobile devices.It's important to note that the animated cards in the CorpNote system now use HTML5 animation, which is the current standard for compatibility. Some technologies, like Outlook, are not able to play the animation in the email inbox. When CorpNote senses these systems, we display a non-animated version of the [more...]

Can I personalize the message in the text area individually for each recipient?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: Yes, you can individualize every eCard that is sent. Our eCards are designed with three parts to each card – the picture or animation at top, the editable text message under it, and the footer with your logo and contact information at the bottom.The editable text area uses a Microsoft Word-like text editor, and you can type and format any length message. While CorpNote lets you send up  [more...]

Why don't I see the option to align my signature left or right?
[Customization and Settings  |  eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: If your logos is over 200px wide, your footer can only appear centered - your signture text will be centered under the logo. If you wish to align your signature left or right, you will need to upload a smaller logo or uncheck the box to display your logo. 

Why do I not see my card design when I copy an eCard?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: From time to time, CorpNote retires older eCard designs and they are no longer available when you create a new eCard. They are still able to be seen as sent from your account and any links to your sent eCards will still work properly and show the retired eCard design. 

Why can't I make my sent eCard into a template?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: CorpNote retires older eCard designs from time to time. If the eCard design is no longer available when you create a new eCard, you cannot make a template. You can, however, create a new eCard with the same message text and then create a template from that eCard. Please note: Retired eCards are still able to be seen in your account and any links to a sent eCards will still [more...]

Why am I seeing an image that says No Design Selected?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: The eCard design might be discontinued or you haven't selected a card design yet.Discontinued eCard/Invitation Designs: Older eCard designs are sometimes retired and are no longer available when you create a new eCard, edit a saved eCard or copy a sent eCard. You must select a new card design before you can send the eCard.No Card Design Selected: Since you can compose and/o [more...]

What's the difference between sending my own eCard via email and sending with CorpNote?
[eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: While sending an occasional eCard in a regular email is an acceptable way to deliver a DIY card, there are many benefits if you are using email marketing and eCards on a regular basis.Some of the advantages to using an eCard delivery service, like CorpNote, are: Easily send to 2,500 recipients at a time. (Regular email is often limited to 100 recipients) You'll see who picks up your  [more...]

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