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How do I Upgrade to a Custom Interface or a Multi-User Plan?
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Sign into your account and go to My Account > Billing and Password. Click the "Upgrade" tab.

Single User Members have two options for upgrading their CorpNote account:

1. Custom Interface Upgrade
If you only have one user but want to be able to brand the entire CorpNote system with your company logo, colors and footer... more double_arrow  

Branding CorpNote to Look Like your Website
[Custom Interface]

CorpNote offers a Custom Interface option that lets you customize the CorpNote site with your company logo, colors and footer links, to look like your own company website. The Custom Interface upgrade is available to single-user members and is included with our Multi-User Memberships. If you have a multi-user plan, the plan administrator can create a custom interface that ... more double_arrow  

Sending Business eCards and Email Newsletters with your Company Logo
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There are several ways that you can include your logo in your business eCards, holiday eCards, email newsletters, online invitations and online surveys.

Option 1 - Your logo can be part of your Signature:

Allbusiness greeting cards, email newsletters and online invitations have the option to include your signature at the bottom. Your logo can appear left, right... more double_arrow  

Upgrade to a Custom Interface
[Custom Interface]

With our Custom Interface option, you can customize the CorpNote website to seamlessly work with your other marketing material. Upload your logo and choose the colors to be used throughout the site to match your company's visual brand identity. This will also apply to any eCards, newsletters, invitations and surveys you send. To upgrade to a custom interface with your... more double_arrow  

What are the logo requirements for the custom interface?
[Custom Interface]

The logo you upload for the custom interface must be 288 pixels wide by 90 pixels high exactly. If your logo requires adjustment and you do not have an image editor or knowledge of how to do this, please call our technical support team for assistance or follow our easy how-to video.

In our 'Creating a Custom Interface' how-to video, we demonstrate how you can ... more double_arrow  

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