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How do I add email addresses to my address book?
[Address Book]

Answer: Quick answer:From the navigation menu choose My Account > Address Book. You can add email addresses in 2 ways: Add an individual address by clicking the '+Add New' tab. Enter your contact options manually.
  Add multiple addresses by clicking the 'Import' tab. CorpNote lets you import standard '.CSV' files, which can be exported from most contact management [more...]

Can I import email addresses from my contact manager software into my CorpNote address book?
[Address Book]

Answer: Yes! CorpNote lets you import contacts from any contact manager or email service that lets you export your contacts as a .CSV file.Once you've exported your contacts, sign into your account and go to My Account > Address Book. Click the 'Import' tab. After importing your .CSV file, you can then select which email addresses you want to add to your CorpNote address book [more...]

Do you use the email addresses in my address book?
[Address Book  |  Privacy and Security]

Answer: NO.  We do not send anything to the people in your address book. Nor do we share your information with others. Privacy and trust are our highest priority. 

How many email addresses can I have in my address book?
[Address Book]

Answer: Each member can have up to 2,500 email addresses in their address book. Important: A recipient does not have to be in your address book to send them an eCard. You can send eCards to recipients who are not in your CorpNote address book by manually entering their address into the Address List on the Address/Send screen..
  Also, each address book contact must have a uniq [more...]

How do I add new contacts to an existing group in my address book?
[Address Book]

Answer: Follow these steps to add contacts to an existing Group in your address book:

1. In the navigation, go to My Account > Address Book

2. Import or manually add your new contacts (hint: assign them all to the same 'category' to easily find them and add them later)

3. Click the "Groups" tab

4. Click the 'Edit' button next to the G [more...]

How can I delete a category of people in my address book, without having to check each individual contact?
[Address Book]

Answer: Go to your address book and click the 'Search' tab. Enter the category that contains the people you want to delete and click search. The resulting page will give you a list of contacts in that category. In the title bar, above the results, you will see a checkbox that enables you to select all the entries on the page. When you click the 'Delete Checked' button, all of those co [more...]

Can I send eCards without creating a CorpNote address book or importing my contacts?
[Address Book  |  eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: Yes. You can type, or copy and paste, up to 250 email addresses (1 address per line) into the Address/Send screen.Make sure you have "Type email addresses" selected in the “Add Recipients to Address List" area, and paste (or type) your recipient's addresses. Then click the "Add Recipient(s) to Address List" button to save your changes and prepare your card f [more...]

How do I know if my eCard recipient's email address is valid?
[Address Book  |  Email and Spam]

Answer: Similar to the way the post office handles undeliverable mail, most mail servers will return an “undeliverable” email message for invalid email addresses.  When you send an email or a CorpNote eCard to an invalid email addresses, you should  receive  a "bounce back" email notice in your email inbox. (This is one reason we use your real email address when y [more...]

Can I import email addresses into my address book if I don't have Microsoft Outlook?
[Address Book]

Answer: Yes. You can import email addresses from any program that lets you create a comma-delimited (fields separated by commas) text file or a .CSV file. You can even create your own text file of contact information. Just follow the instructions provided in our importing contacts tutorial. Here are the basics. Sign into your account and follow these steps: 1. In the navigation, go to  [more...]

How will I know if I sent an eCard to an email address that no longer exists?
[Address Book  |  Email and Spam]

Answer: If an eCard is sent to an email address that is no longer in use, then you will get an email ‘bounce back’ at the email address you are using for your account. It works just like an email that you send to an inactive email address via regular email.The email address you use to sign into your CorpNote account is the email address that the bounce back will come to. It is also the email a [more...]

Can I have different contacts in my address book who share the same email address?
[Address Book]

Answer: No, each address book contact must have a unique email address.  Related FAQ:What information do I need to provide for each contact in my address book? 

What information do I need to provide for each contact in my address book?
[Address Book]

Answer: Minimally you will need to provide: first nam last name a unique email address for each contact.You can also provide the following information: Company Category (E.g. current customers, employees) Start Date Birthday Anniversary Comments (open text - 250 character limit)We encourage you to provide as much information as possible, since the additional fields make it easier for you when yo [more...]

What do I use the start date for in the address book?
[Address Book]

Answer: The start date field was designed to be used for the date an employee started with your company, or the date you and a customer first did business. This enables you to easily search for contacts when you want to send a customer appreciation eCard or an employee appreciation eCard, or to use our Recurring Card tool to send regularly scheduled repeating eCards that commorate the start date.&nbs [more...]

How can I unsubscribe from a CorpNote member's email list?
[Address Book]

Answer: At the bottom of every eCard email is a link for the eCard recipient to unsubscribe from that CorpNote member’s email list. Once you click the link and select to unsubscribe, that specific member is blocked from sending a CorpNote eCard to your email address in the future.The CorpNote member cannot change this setting. Only the eCard recipient can re-allow that CorpNote member to send them a [more...]

How can I export my Macintosh Address Book contacts, so I can import into CorpNote?
[Address Book  |  eCards - Creating and Sending]

Answer: Macintosh’s contact manager does not allow you to export your contacts in the file format needed to create an address book in CorpNote. This is a 'feature' of the Mac OS, and as such is not under the scope of our technical support. But our Mac users have reported success using 3rd party applications, which give you the ability to export contacts as a .CSV file. Do [more...]

When adding birth or anniversary dates, why can't I select a date more than 10 years ago?
[Address Book]

Answer: When you are manually entering birthdates and anniversary dates in your online address book, the calendar picker only displays the last 10 years (e.g. 2008 - 2018). To select a year more than 10 years in the past simply select the oldest date, and the calendar tool refreshes and lets you pick the prior 10 years. By jumping back 10 years at a time, you can assign any date in the past.Alternate [more...]

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