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What do I do if the event information sent with an invitation has changed?

Answer: Here is how you change your event information and then notify your invitation list that the event information has changed:

1. Change your Event Information Go to Invitations > Manage Events, and select 'Edit Event' in the options drop-down menu next to the event you want to change. Make your changes and then click the 'Save Changes' button on the bottom of the page.  [more...]

Are invitations and surveys included in my eCard membership?
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Answer: Yes. All members can send an unlimited number of eCards, invitations and surveys per month. 

How do I send an event reminder?

Answer: Send an event reminder to your guests by signing into your account and:1. Go to Invitations > Manage Events

2. Find the event that you want to send a reminder for. 

3. In the 'options' drop-down list, select "Send Reminder"4. Select who you want the reminder sent to from the drop-down list.

5. Click the "Create eCard" button, and contin [more...]

Can I have multiple events on the same day that people can individually sign up for?

Answer: Yes - by creating an eCard that has links to multiple events. Follow these steps: Create each event with the date/time and details.
(You will now be able to send one eCard that contains links to these multiple events by using our Direct Link feature.)
  In the navigation, go to Invitations > Manage Events and get the Direct Link for each event.
  Create your eCard with tex [more...]

When I send an invitation to someone, how many additional guests can they include in their response?

Answer: When creating your event, you can block respondents from including additional guests, or you can enable invitees to register from 1 to 12 additional guests. If you select the option to allow additional guests, any questions you included for the event (for example: meal choice) will also be included next to each guest they add on the invitation response form. View our invitation mana [more...]

How do I view my invitation responses?

Answer: Sign into your account, Go to Invitations > Manage Events and select 'Invitation List' from the Options drop-down list next to the event you want to view. You can click the "Responses" tab to view response details.View the tutorial. 

How do I add a view map option to my invitation?

Answer: There are several ways you can include a link to a map for your event. 1. When you create an event, you can select whether to include a directions link. This can either be a link to a map that you provide or CorpNote can automatically create a Google Maps link using the address information you provided for the event. View the tutorial.
When someone responds to your online invitation,  [more...]

Do you charge per eCard, survey or invitation?
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Answer: No - everything is included in your monthly membership fee. There is no limit to how many eCards, event invitations or surveys you can send. You can create eCard templates, save favorites and create an unlimited number of events and surveys. We also do not charge based on the number of people who respond to your invitation or survey. 

Do you charge per event or per online invitation?

Answer: No - all memberships allow an unlimited number of eCards, invitations and surveys per month.  You can also manage multiple events and surveys simultaneously. We also do not charge per response or by the size of your guest list. 

Can I send different eCards, at different times, for the same event?

Answer: Yes - no matter how many separate eCards you send for an event, your guest list is automatically consolidated for you. Any eCard design can be turned into an event invitation. You can then easily send follow-up invitations to guests that don’t respond after you send the first round of invitations, or to customize eCard designs for each invitee. 

Can I use Surveys in combination with an Online Invitation?
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Answer: Yes, an eCard can contain an Event RSVP link and a Survey link at the same time. Here is an example of how this feature might be useful. A person is having an awards dinner and sends an eCard invitation to their guest list. In the same eCard, they also include a survey which asks them to choose winners for each award category that will be presented at the event. 

What is the difference between an Invitation List and a Guest List?

Answer: The invitation list is an automatically generated list of all of the people you sent an eCard to with the event response form link. This is your ’mailing’ list which contains information on whether the person picked up your eCard and whether they responded to your invitation. Even if you send multiple eCard invitations, the one consolidated invitation list enables you to easi [more...]

I have sent several invitations with multiple guests on each invitation. Is there a consolidated invitation list that I can use to see who did not pick up the eCard and who did not respond?

Answer: Yes. A consolidated invitation list is automatically created for you when you send eCard invitations for an event. 1. You can access your invitation list by going to Invitations > Manage Events.2. In the drop-down options list for the event, select the ’Invitation List’ option.3. You will see how many people have and have not picked up the eCard invitat [more...]

Can I download my event guest list into MS Excel format?

Answer: Yes. Here are the steps to export an Excel compatible spreadsheet with your event's Invitation List data:  Go to Invitations > Manage Events. Next to each of your events is a drop down menu where you can select ’View Responses.’ Click the Invitation List tab. Click the word "Filter" next to the Invitation Summary area. Choose the data you want to display in your r [more...]

Can I set an attendee limit for my event invitations so I won't get responses after I reach my limit?

Answer: Yes. If you have a limit to the number of attendees a room can hold, you can set a limit which prevents people from signing up once you reach that number. You can also provide a custom message that will display to those people when they go to sign up for the event after it has been closed due to the attendee limit.  Learn more in our online invitation manager tutorial on how to create an even [more...]

When someone responds to my event invitation, can I receive an email notice?

Answer: Yes. When you add or modify your event in the invitation manager, you will see an option for ’ Would you like to receive an email when someone responds?’  The default to this question is no but you can select whether you want to receive an email each time someone responds or to only receive an email once per day when there is a response.  An advantage of selecting the fi [more...]

Can I respond for someone who is on my invitation list? Can I edit a response that's already been submitted?

Answer: You can edit a response by selecting 'View Responses' and clicking the edit icon next to the person's name.To add a response, go to Manage Events and click the options menu. You can add a response in two ways:1. Select 'Add a Response' and you will see the same form your recipients see and you can complete it for them.
2. Select 'Invitation List' and click the 'A [more...]

When I send an invitation, can I stop recipients from forwarding to people who are not on my invitation list?

Answer: You cannot block people from either forwarding an invitation or sharing an event registration link. You can, however, put text in your invitation that tells people that your event is by invitation only and the invitation should not be passed along to others.   

How do I send an invitation again to those who picked up the invitation eCard but have not responded?

Answer: Instructions for following up on an invitation to an event are a little different than the follow up to an eCard. Invitation follow ups have more options. Go to Invitations > Manage Events and select 'Invitation List' from the Options drop-down list next to the event you want to manage.
  In the Invitation summary area, use the "Send an eCard" drop-down option list to [more...]

How do I create an online invitation?

Answer: To follow are the basic instructions for creating an online invitation. If you are looking to create an invitation design from a photo or image you have the rights to use, read the tutorial: How to Create a Custom invitation from a Photo or Digital ArtThe Online Invitation Manager enables you to manage event RSVP's from an online invitation, your website, blog, or social media and you can mana [more...]

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