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For 24/7 answers, we have several online resources that are a good starting point:


Does CorpNote have an App?
[General & Troubleshooting]

No - our website is completely mobile compatible, so an app is not necessary.   [more...]

How do I Subscribe/Unsubscribe from CorpNote's Newsletter?
[General & Troubleshooting]

You can subscribe/unsubscribe from our email newsletter at any time by going to our newsletter subscription page. Our newsletter focuses on a variety of business topics such as internet marketing, customer appreciation strategies, employee recognition programs and more.

We do not share your information...  [more...]

Why does CorpNote require cookies?
[General & Troubleshooting]

Our site uses cookies to save your eCards, newsletters, events and survey information as well as other preferences you set as you use our website.

Cookies are controlled by your web browser as well as your internet and security settings. If you have cookies turned off as a general setting in your browser, you can still allow cookies to be used specifically on our site...  [more...]

Spam Policy
[General & Troubleshooting]

CorpNote considers spam to be unsolicited bulk email messages, sent to people or email addresses that have not given you express permission to email them. Any use of CorpNote to send what we consider to be SPAM is strictly prohibited. All members that use the CorpNote system must agree to our Terms of Use, which clearly details our no-spam ...  [more...]

Not Receiving Emails Sent to Myself or Other People in my Company
[Business eCards  |  Email Newsletters  |  General & Troubleshooting]

When you send an email with CorpNote, your email address is used as the 'from ' and 'reply to' email address.

Your email administrator might have an email filter in place that is blocking incoming emails that say they're from a company email address, but are recognized as being sent from another email server. While this is a legitimate practice for ...  [more...]

Reducing eCards and Email Newsletters going into SPAM
[Business eCards  |  Address Book & Contact Management  |  Email Newsletters  |  General & Troubleshooting]

Automatic SPAM filters work on many levels, but there are some simple things you can do to improve your chances of getting your email message through to your recipient.


How will I know if I sent an email to an address that no longer exists?
[General & Troubleshooting]

If an eCard or email newsletter is sent to an email address that is no longer in use, then you will get an email 'bounce back' at the email address you are using for your account. This works just like an email that you send to an inactive email address via regular email.

The email address you use to sign into your CorpNote account is the email address...  [more...]

Weird Characters in Email Subject Line
[Business eCards  |  Email Newsletters  |  General & Troubleshooting]

When creating your email subject line, DO NOT copy and paste your text from other software. Hand-type your subject line into the ‘Subject Line’ text box and avoid special characters such as ™. Most email programs do not support the use of all characters, especially ‘smart quote’ characters that Microsoft Word and other programs auto-insert as ...  [more...]

Trouble Signing In
[General & Troubleshooting]

Some possible reasons for not being able to sign in:

If you have forgotten your password, go to the ...  [more...]

Instructions for Using our Free Digital Wallpapers
[General & Troubleshooting]

Deck out your screens with a little bling using free wallpapers that were inspired by CorpNote eCard designs!

For Desktop PCs


Email is bouncing back as undeliverable, even though I know the email address is valid
[General & Troubleshooting]

Some companies have strict email policies in place to reduce email seen as SPAM from being delivered to their users.

One of these checks is to look at the sender’s address and authenticate that the server sending the mail is ‘signed’ or ‘approved’ as a legitimate sender for that email domain.

We use our members’ real email address ...


Email thumbnail preview image is not displaying correctly, or not at all
[General & Troubleshooting]

If an email contains an image that is from another source (e.g. pasted from another website), then the complete snapshot of your email will either default to a generic image or show your email thumbnail with the external graphic omitted.  [more...]

'Add Recipients' button is not showing on the Send Email screen
[General & Troubleshooting]

When you manually add email addresses to the Send Email page, there will be a button that appears which says "Add Recipient(s) to Address List". 

If you have email addresses in the 'Add Recipients' text box and you are NOT seeing this button, click into the 'Add Recipients' text box...


Not Receiving CorpNote Email using my Domain Name in the Email Address
[General & Troubleshooting  |  My Account]

If you are sending email from your own domain name (i.e., you may have difficulty receiving CorpNote email you send to yourself.

To ensure you receive CorpNote email you send to yourself, or if you want to improve your email getting delivered into your recipient's inbox, we recommend that you 'authenticate' CorpNote as an approved...  [more...]

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