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How do I create an eCard signature with my logo and website links?

eCard Signature Alignment

Cost per eCard

Cost per Invitation

Cost per Survey

Change Credit Card

Unable to Sign In

Trial Membership

Default Custom Style for All eCards

Payment Invoices and Receipts

How am I Billed for Service?

How do I know which users were included in my bill last month?

Minimum Sign-up Period

Can I sign up for just one month to send holiday eCards?

Membership Cancellation

How do I Pay for my Membership?

Membership Renewal

Changing Your Account Email Address

Inserting Images into eCard Text

Creating/Uploading Custom eCards

As an administrator, can I limit my users to use only my eCard designs?

Does CorpNote have an App?

How often do you add new features?

How do I Subscribe/Unsubscribe from CorpNote's Newsletter?

Is there advertising displayed on eCards, invitations or surveys?

How do I Upgrade to a Custom Interface or a Multi-User Plan?

Keeping Your Information Private

Can a Company Join with a Single-User Membership?


What is CorpNote?

How Long has CorpNote been in the eCard, Online Invitation, and Survey Business?

CorpNote's Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

What Happens to my Scheduled eCards if my Membership Becomes Inactive?

Email Notifications on Survey Responses

Downloading Survey Responses in MS Excel

Can I add, modify or delete individual responses to surveys?

How do I create and distribute a survey?

Maximum Survey Questions

Viewing Survey Responses

What if Someone Calls or Mails in their Survey Response?

How Does CorpNote use my Account and Address Book Information?

Why does CorpNote require cookies?

Does CorpNote Use Pop-Up Windows?

Spam Policy

Not Receiving eCards Sent to Myself or Other People in my Company

Reducing eCards going into SPAM

How will I know if I sent an eCard to an email address that no longer exists?

Weird Characters in Email Subject Line

Posting eCards in Social Media

Branding CorpNote to Look Like your Website

Sending eCards with your Company Logo

Adding Private Comments to eCards and Invitations

Maximum Number of Recipients per eCard

How Do I Address eCards?

Scheduling eCards

Tracking and Managing eCards

Creating an eCard

Search for an eCard Design

Saving eCard Designs as Favorites

Formatting the Message Text in an eCard

Can I use HTML in my eCard Message?

Inserting Hyperlinks into your eCard Message Text

Creating One-Time Send Lists

Resend an eCard

Copying Sent eCards

Can I send eCards to employees within my own company?

What can I include in my eCard Signature?

Auto-Fill Names in the Greeting Line

Free eCards

Social Media Links in eCards

Sending eCards, Invitations, and Surveys on a Mobile Device

Why do I not see my card design when I copy an eCard?

Why Use CorpNote to Send eCards?

When do you release NEW Holiday eCard Designs?

Saving Favorite eCard Messages

Receiving eCards, Invitations, and Surveys on a Mobile Device

Creating eCard Templates

How many eCard Templates can I have?

How do I know if someone views my eCard?

Turning eCards into Invitations or Surveys

View Count on eCards Posted in Social Media

Controlling Who Sees my eCard on Social Media

Do eCards Posted in Social Media Websites Expire?

Can I change an eCard that has been sent or posted in social media?

Can CorpNote design eCards for me?

Will eCard recipients see my email list?

Will my eCards be sent from my email address?

What information should I include for contacts in my Address Book?

What is 'Start Date' used for in the address book?

Email List Unsubscribe

Can't select a Birth/Anniversary date more than 10 years ago

Importing Email Addresses

Maximum Email Addresses in my Address Book

Add New Contacts to an Existing Group

Easily Delete a Category of Contacts

Adding Contacts to my Address Book

Importing Macintosh Address Book Contacts into CorpNote

Sending eCards without using the Address Book

Viewing Invitation Responses

Multiple Event Registration in One eCard

How do my guests add additional guests?

Sending Event Reminders

Changing Event Information

Resending Invitations to Those Who Viewed the Invite But Did Not Respond

Creating an Online Invitation

When someone responds to my event invitation, can I receive an email notice?

Editing Invitation Responses

Blocking Forwarding of Invitations

How do I keep track of who I invited?

View Map Options in Invitations

Attendee Limits for Events

Invitation List vs Guest List

Consolidated Invitation Lists

Downloading Guest List into MS Excel

Using eCards to Send Surveys and Invitations

Best Time to Send an eCard

Trouble Signing In

Saving an eCard for Later

Can I Send an eCard via Text Message?

eCard Delivery Time

Upgrade to a Custom Interface

What are the logo requirements for the custom interface?

How can I export my Contacts?

Why can't I make my sent eCard into a template?

Why am I seeing an image that says No Design Selected?

Sending Event Thank You eCards

Getting Started

Can I set up recurring birthday eCards?

Is there an additional cost to upload my own eCard photos or artwork?

Can I use my own designs for eCards and invitations?

Can I add an attachment to my eCard or invitation?

How do I view my open rate and view statistics for my eCards?

Can I create a multi-day event?

Can I make my ‘Save the Date’ card into an Invitation?

How do I add a guest?

How many guests can I have for each event?

Are there ads on my invitation?

Can people see my guest list or responses?

Can I share a link to my event or post it on a website or blog?

Are my invitations sent from my email address?

Can I send my invitation to a group of contacts?

How do I copy my invited guest list from another invitation?

Can I invite more people after I send an invitation?

Can I send an invitation via text message?

How do I create an RSVP cut-off date for my event?

How do I add directions for my guests?

How can I cancel my event

How can I tell who has viewed the invitation?

How do I format my contacts file for import?

Multiple Surveys in One eCard

Sending Survey Reminders

Changing Survey Information

Resending a Survey to Recipients Who Did Not Respond

Blocking Forwarding of Surveys

How do I keep track of who I sent my survey to?

Sending Survey Follow-Up and Thank You eCards

Are there ads on my survey?

Can I share a link to my survey or post it on a website or blog?

Can I send a survey to a group of contacts?

How can I copy the recipient list from one survey to a new survey?

Can I send a survey to more people after I send my original survey notice?

Can I send a survey via text message?

How do recurring eCards work?

How do I view and track recurring eCards that have been sent?

Why do I have to use the address book to create recurring eCards?

What happens to recurring eCards when a membership lapses?

Can I add or remove an eCard template in an existing recurring eCard campaign?

How do I stop or delete a recurring eCard campaign?

How do I view scheduled eCards in a recurring eCard campaign?

Can I set up a recurring event?

Can I copy an existing event to create a new event?

Can I copy an existing survey to create a new survey?

Instructions for Using our Free Digital Wallpapers

Am I able to BCC a card recipient for compliance purposes?

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