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Importing Macintosh Address Book Contacts into CorpNote

Macintosh's contact manager does not allow you to export your contacts in the file format compatible with CorpNote's address book. This is a "feature" of the Mac OS and is not under the scope of our technical support. However, our Mac users have reported success using third party applications which give you the ability to export contacts as a .csv file.

If you wish to solve this issue on your own by using third party software, we cannot be held responsible for any damages caused to your computer as our services will always be completely safe and trustworthy but third party software is not. However, we wish to educate our users on how our system works and the types of data which exist in our line of business. Macintosh uses a .vcf file when exporting contacts while all other programs such as Outlook and GMail use .csv files. For details on how to export contacts on a Mac, visit the Apple website. You may find your own .vcf to .csv file converter, or try an online one ( Beware the tricky advertisements customary to this type of site and click carefully.

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