Frequently Asked Questions

I am having problems signing in. What do I do?

If you think your email and password are correct...

Quit your browser and re-open it to clear any 'cookies' that may be interfering with your sign in. Go to the CorpNote home page and click the Sign In button, and try re-entering your email address and password.

Did you change your email address in your preferences? 

This is the most common cause of people not being able to sign in. If you changed your email address in your account preferences (My Account > Preferences > Signature Options) then you MUST use this new email address as the sign in email. Your password should not be affected, unless you changed it on the Billing and Password page.

Forgot Password

You can use the "Forgot your password?..." feature by entering your CorpNote email address and answering the Captcha challenge. Our system will check to see if the email entered is a valid account email and send a temporary password TO THAT EMAIL ADDRESS. Temporary passwords are good for only 24 hours, and you'll be required to update your password after you use it to sign in.

New Passwords must contain: One lowercase letter, one number and one special character. Passwords must be between 7-15 characters long   Example: AbCDE7$

"Your email address does not appear to be a registered user."

Did you receive this error message? If so, this means the email address you are using does not match our records. You may have entered your email address incorrectly. Please retype it carefully and try again. See the first two tips on this page.

Are Cookies enabled on your browser?

If everything else checks out and our system still does not recognize you, you may have cookies turned off in your web browser. Please check the help section for your browser to learn how to 'enable cookies'.

Are you a Multi-user Plan Member (not the Administrator)?

Your Administrator has the ability to enable/deactivate user accounts - so make sure you check with them!

If all else fails...

Please contact us via our member services contact form or call CorpNote Support at 609-406-1665, M-F, 9-5 EST.

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