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Resending Invitations to Those Who Viewed the Invite But Did Not Respond

Because you could have sent multiple invitations, the instructions for re-sending an online invitation to an event are different than re-sending an eCard or email newsletter. Your invitation list consolidates all of your invitation recipients into one list and tracks whether they viewed it and whether they responded.

Follow these instructions for re-sending an online invitation:

  1. Go to Events > Manage Events and select 'Invitation List' from the options drop-down list next to the event you want to manage.
  2. In the Invitation summary area, use the "Send Email" drop-down option list to choose a follow up option. Select all people on the list, people who did not respond and people who did not view the invitation.
  3. A list will appear where you can select an eCard or email newsletter template that you’ve previously created for the reminder email, or you can simply click the button that says “Create Follow-Up Email” to create a new eCard or email newsletter with the recipient's email addresses added for you.

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