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Resending Invitations to Those Who Viewed the Invite But Did Not Respond

Because you could have sent multiple eCard invitations, the instructions for re-sending an invitation to an event are different than re-sending an eCard. Your invitation list consolidates all of your invitation recipients into one list and tracks whether they viewed it and whether they responded.

Follow these instructions for re-sending an invitation:

  1. Go to Invitations > Manage Events and select 'Invitation List' from the options drop-down list next to the event you want to manage.
  2. In the Invitation summary area, use the "Send an eCard" drop-down option list to choose a follow up option. Select all people on the list, people who did not respond and people who did not view the eCard.
  3. A list will appear where you can select an eCard template that you’ve previously created for the reminder eCard, or you can simply click the button that says “Create Follow-Up eCard” to create a new eCard with the recipient's email addresses added for you.

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