Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send eCards without creating a CorpNote address book or importing my contacts?

Yes. You can type, or copy and paste, up to 250 email addresses (1 address per line) into the Address/Send screen.

Make sure you have "Type email addresses" selected in the “Add Recipients to Address List" area, and paste (or type) your recipient's addresses. Then click the "Add Recipient(s) to Address List" button to save your changes and prepare your card for sending.

(Note: Importing your names into the CorpNote Address Book allows access to many of our best features, like auto-filling each recipient’s first name in the greeting, more easily recalling recipients in the future, make notes, sorting by company or keyword and view recipients by name rather than by email address.)

If privacy is your concern, please note that we do not use or expose any of your contacts, as outlined in our privacy statement.

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