Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have multiple events on the same day that people can individually sign up for?

Yes - by creating an eCard that has links to multiple events. Follow these steps:

  1. Create each event with the date/time and details.
    (You will now be able to send one eCard that contains links to these multiple events by using our Direct Link feature.)
  2. In the navigation, go to Invitations > Manage Events and get the Direct Link for each event.
  3. Create your eCard with text that that includes the 'Direct Link' to the response form for each event.


Your eCard text should look something like this:

You’re invited to a Seminar.

Please click on the sessions you want to attend
and provide your contact information.

Session 1 on September 1 at 9:30
“How to Gain Customers”

Session 2 on September 1 at 11:30
“Converting Sales”

Session 3 on September 1 at 1:30
“Happiness Equals Success”

Each link should be designated to go to the specific event response form for that session.

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