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How do I view my open rate and view statistics for my eCards?

There are several ways to get statistics on who has viewed your eCards.

  1. Aggregate statistics for past 60 days: In the eCard Summary section of your account overview page, you can see how many eCards you have sent in the last 7, 30 and 60 days. By clicking on one of those time frames, you will see the number of cards sent, the number of recipients and your 'open rate' percentage.
  2. Statistics for each eCard: Go to the Sent Cards page and, in the drop-down menu next to each sent eCard, select 'View Recipients and Pickup Status.' You will see the number of recipients, how many of them viewed the eCard and the overall open rate percentage for that eCard. You can also download an excel file with this information by choosing 'Download Excel Report' from the drop-down menu.
  3. Aggregate statistics for specific date range: On the Sent Cards page, click the 'Search & reports' tab and search by date range, type of eCard sent and/or keywords in your eCard comments. The search results page has a button to ‘Download Excel Report' which contains:
    • Date Sent
    • Whether the eCard contained an invitation or survey
    • Email subject line
    • Name or email address the eCard was sent to
    • Number of recipients, views, unsubscribes and open percentage
    • eCard message text (first 250 characters)
    • Notes/Comments you’ve annotated for each sent card

Important note about open rates: Your actual open rate most likely exceeds our numbers. We only measure unique open rates if:

  1. images are set to display in your recipients email inbox, or
  2. if recipients click to view an eCard in a browser.

We use this method to respect your recipient's privacy, and to be most widely compatible with people's browsers, devices and privacy settings. Consider the open rate as a success indicator, not as an absolute number.

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