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Multiple Online Surveys in One Business eCard or Email Newsletter

You can create one business eCard or email newsletter that has links to multiple survey response forms. This is helpful if you want to provide your recipients with a link to more than one survey or if you want them to choose from several surveys based on their type of relationship with your product or service. The way to send one business eCard or email newsletter that contains links to multiple surveys is to use our 'Direct Link' feature.

Here's how to include multiple surveys in one business eCard or email newsletter:

  1. Create each online survey with a good descriptive survey name and opening text
  2. Get the Direct Link for each survey response form by clicking the 'Direct Link' button
  3. Create your business eCard or email newsletter with text that includes the Direct Link to the response form for each survey

You can also choose the "Insert Survey Button" option in the eCard/newsletter text editor to automatically insert a respond button for a specific survey.

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