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Sending Survey Reminders

We've made it easy to send a survey reminder. Follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your account and go to Surveys > Manage Surveys
  2. Choose 'Recipient List' from the drop-down options menu next to the survey that you want to send a reminder for
  3. In the Recipients Summary box, you have the option to send an eCard
  4. Select the group of people you would like to send the survey reminder to
    • All people on this list
    • People that did not view the eCard
    • People who did not respond
  5. Select an eCard template if you created one
  6. Click the 'Create Follow-Up eCard' button to add all of the recipients to your eCard send list

You will now be able to edit and send this follow-up eCard to the selected recipients. CorpNote records the details of the reminder eCard so you know the day you created it, when it was sent and to whom. You will see that it is a 'follow-up' eCard in your eCard history list. You can then track pickup and survey responses as usual in that eCard's statistics screen.

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