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How do I track and manage my eCards?

To manage your sent eCards, choose eCards > Sent Cards from the navigation menu.

The default screen will show a thumbnail of all cards sent in the last 60 days, with a history of who viewed it and if it contains a survey or invitation. You can click the thumbnail image to view more card details, and to follow up to people who have or have not viewed your card. Here are some of the data that we track:

  • Card sent date
  • Number of recipients sent to
  • Groups sent to (if the address book groups feature was used)
  • Card Views (total number of times your eCard has been viewed, including anonymous direct-link views and multiple views by individuals)
  • Name or email address of recipients who have viewed card, with date and time stamp (does not include direct-link views)
  • Anonymous Card Views - total number of direct-link views, e.g. cards viewed directly from a website link or social media page
  • Not Picked Up By - Name or email address of recipients who have NOT viewed card
    (’Not Picked Up’ does not always mean that they haven’t viewed the email. See our related FAQ.)

You can also manage the eCards in your Sent Cards bin by adding comments, copying a card to use again, creating a template from the card. You can also easily send a follow up eCard to all recipients, those who didn’t pick up the card or those that did pick it up.

CorpNote saves the history of sent cards for 60 days, as explained in our privacy statement. But there is one exception to this rule... If you use our online Address Book, and send your cards using those address book contacts, then you can always view a complete history of all cards sent to that person. This feature is called “Archives” and you can get to it by selecting an individual contact in your address book and clicking the View Archives button below the individual’s Contact Information.

Address Book contacts and archives are kept indefinitely, as long as your CorpNote membership remains current. If you let your membership lapse for more than 60 days, all of your private account information will be deleted for privacy and storage reasons.

Important Note: You cannot edit a card once it has been sent.

To manage saved cards, Choose eCards > Saved / Scheduled Cards from the navigation menu. You can continue to edit any eCard in your saved cards bin. You can also delete or copy these eCards.

Tutorials - eCard/Invitation History > Sent eCards

Tutorials - eCard/Invitation History > Tracking & Responding

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