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How do I keep track of who I sent my survey to?

No matter how many separate eCards you send with a link to your survey, your recipient list is automatically consolidated for you. In the survey manager, select ‘Recipient List’ from the drop down menu next to your survey.

This consolidated list enables you to keep track of who has viewed and responded to your survey. You can easily re-send a survey to recipients who did not respond, send reminders or any other follow-up information to the people you sent your survey to. In the ‘Recipients Summary’ area, select the appropriate option next to ‘send an ecard’.

Your 'survey responses' list is different than your ‘recipient list’ in that it includes only people who have responded to your survey. You can also easily send a follow-up eCard to people who responded by selecting the appropriate option next to ‘send an ecard’ in the response summary area.

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