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What happens to automated emails when a membership lapses?

If you cancel your account, your automated emails will stop sending on the date your account becomes 'inactive'. For example, if you cancel on May 15th and your next billing date is May 21st, your automated emails scheduled for May 21st or later will not be sent.

When your account becomes inactive (because you cancelled, or your credit card expired and wasn’t updated), your automated emails will not be sent. When you cancel, or if your payment fails, CorpNote will keep your account data for a grace period of 60 days (unless you ask us to delete this information upon termination). During this time, automated emails will not be sent. Accounts that are inactive for 60 days are automatically cleared of all account data, which means all email automation tasks and email lists in your account are permanently deleted.

If you re-activate your account within the 60-day grace period, your automated emails will begin sending again on the day following your account re-activation. To avoid interruption of your automated email campaigns, please make sure that your account payment method is up to date, and that you respond to our billing notifications promptly.

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