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Email is bouncing back as undeliverable, even though I know the email address is valid

Some companies have strict email policies in place to reduce email seen as SPAM from being delivered to their users.

One of these checks is to look at the sender’s address and authenticate that the server sending the mail is ‘signed’ or ‘approved’ as a legitimate sender for that email domain.

We use our members’ real email address as the ‘From’ and ‘Reply To’ address, but the email is being sent from the CorpNote server. When the email is then authenticated by the receiving server, there is no connection between the email address and the sending server. As a result, the email ‘bounces’ as undeliverable.


Your email administrator has to set your company email server to recognize (authenticate) the CorpNote email server as an approved sender. This way, when another company receives an email you send from CorpNote and wants to check its validity, your email server says, “yes, this server is legitimate and approved to be sending email using our company’s email domain name.”

What to tell your email administrator:

Email messages sent through CorpNote are being rejecting due to failing the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) lookup. The sending domain's SPF record does not include the sending IP address being used to relay the email. Please add the following server information to the DNS record to approve CorpNote as an email sender for our domain:

CorpNote eCards are sent from:
IP Address:

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