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Can I schedule birthday eCards from contacts imported from a CSV file?

Yes. Make sure you have included each contact's birthday in your .csv file and then go to your CorpNote address book and follow the onscreen instructions for importing your contacts.

The easiest way to schedule your birthday eCards to be sent automatically year-after-year is to use our email automation feature as follows...

Once you have imported your contacts, click on the "Email Lists" tab and create an email list for each birthday email campaign you want to run. For example, if you want to send one birthday email campaign to employees and another to customers, you can create an email list called "Employee Birthdays" and another called "Customer Birthdays." There is no limit to the number of email lists you can create.

Once you have created your email lists and birthday email templates that will go to your contacts on their birthday, you can then use our email automation feature to send your birthday eCards.

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