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With Multi-User plans, is there a way to limit our users' access to only show approved eCard designs?

Yes! Our Multi-User Plan Administrators can turn off access to CorpNote's general selection of eCard designs that we have in our system: Manage Users > Edit (or Add) User. Under "Allow CorpNote Designs" select yes or no.

The same is true for your users' ability to upload their own designs: Manage Users > Edit (or Add) User. Under "Allow Card Design Upload" select yes or no.

If you stopped there, your users wouldn't have access to any eCards... You need to create an eCard Template and share it with them. It's easy! Create a card that's exactly what you want your users to send, and send it to yourself to preview it. Once it's sent, you'dd see an option to 'Save as a Card Template' in the drop-down list next to the card, in your Sent Cards bin. At the bottom of the page you'll see the 'Share' option, with these choices:

  • "No" (Does not share the card with your ueser)
  • "Yes - Share All Users"
  • "Yes - Share Selected Users"

When you select the last option,  you'll see a list of all Active Users (who have signed into the system at least once and are current/active users) where you can put a check next to the names of who you want to have access to your card template.

By following these steps, you can create all of the available eCard templates and designs for your users, and retain full control of your company message and branding.

Tutorials - Multi-User Administrators > Manage Users

Tutorials - Multi-User Administrators > Share Custom eCards and Invitations

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