Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send an invitation again to those who picked up the invitation eCard but have not responded?

Instructions for following up on an invitation to an event are a little different than the follow up to an eCard. Invitation follow ups have more options.

  • Go to Invitations > Manage Events and select 'Invitation List' from the Options drop-down list next to the event you want to manage.
  • In the Invitation summary area, use the "Send an eCard" drop-down option list to choose a follow up option. Select "People who did not respond". (Other options are to send a follow-up eCard to 'All people on the list' and 'People who did not pick up the card'.)
  • A list will appear where you can select an eCard template that you’ve previously created for the reminder eCard, or you can simply click the button that says “Create Follow-Up eCard” to create a new, blank eCard, with the addresses pre-filled out.

Tutorials - Invitation Manager > Invite List

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